Cardi B: Chanteuse is expressed by the topic of the existence of aliens

Cardi B, invited to the latest episode of “Hot Ones” by Etats-Unis, told us about the question of the existence of aliens, after the recent debate held on UFOs in the US Congress. And chanteuse avis tres personnel sur la question.

Skepticism prevails. The latest episode of “Hot Ones” Aux Etats-Unis, the mission of celebrities are invited into the vat of spicy sauce with more and more powers during the interview, your Cardi B participant is informed about the existence, Or not, of supernatural beings. In answer to a question and Presente said that the US Congress would form a commission as an organization and to discuss the parlementaire. The interpreter of the “I Like It” tube is completely reserved on its topic.

« I thought the aliens were riols, pars, s’ils l’étient, et qu’ils sont a ce point plus intelligents que nos, pouquoi ne nos ont-ils pas n’avahi à l’heure qu’il est ? Les aliens, they were not Malinois, we did not comment on humans. Humans are precious. Ilse veulent tout controller. Ils veulent avoir le puvoir en tout circumstance», explic-t-elle.

Cardi B did not respond at the time until the aliens encountered another problem to take over. «Le gens sont la, a se demander pouquoi les gens vaudreant envahir la terre? La Terre, c’est le ghetto. Maybe I’ll tell you what you’re on the menu, a launch celle qui awaited live and a discussion on Instagram, le rapeur offset, a moment of the Commission Parliament Organization or the Congress American.

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