Cardi B claims blogger Tasha Kebe for her $1.25 million

Cardi B never holds back when it comes to speaking the truth. Offset’s partner responded to a trolling comment from the YouTuber.

“Send my check”

Whether it’s government policy or social media drama, the 29-year-old is never afraid to share her views. Start of the week, Cardi B caused a stir on Twitter after saying what she thought about the girlfriend’s hounding by PNB Rock. Many blamed the Stephanie Sibounheuang for posting the rapper’s location which led to his untimely death.

A few days later, the “Hot Sh**” star liked a tweet about the lawsuit. A publication related to Nicki Minaj who is suing a social media blogger. Many were quick to assume that Cardi was subtly shading the performer “Super Freaky Girl”, including the blogger Tasha Kebe. She added on the post The Neighborhood Talk, “Did someone say my name?? »

As a reminder, Cardi won her defamation lawsuit from $1.25 million versus Tasha earlier this year. The jurors sided with the rapper, holding Kebe responsible for the intentional infliction of emotional distress. Following the YouTube blogger’s comment, the “WAP” rapper replied: “No one said your name…SEND MY CHECK”.

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