Cardi B complains about the high cost of food in the United States

Twitter it became the rapper’s corner of relief Cardi B.who after a visit to the supermarket, complained about the inflation of food in the United States.

“Grocery shopping prices are ridiculous right now. You might as well eat outside!” she wrote.

For the “Bodak yellow” singer, it is “crazy” that lettuce, “which cost $2 (dollars) a couple of months ago, now has a price of seven dollars,” as she explained through a video.

Despite having a fairly large fortune, the 2019 Grammy winner for “Best Rap Album” explained that she worries about taking care of her financial well-being.

“Let me tell you something, when I complain about food prices and you mothers say, ‘Aren’t you rich? Why are you complaining about the lettuce? Why are you complaining about this?’ ”, she says in the clip after receiving criticism following a first publication. “That just shows people that when you’re successful, when you have money, you’re going to go broke soon because you don’t have a budget.”

The cost of food, due to supply chain problems, the war in Ukraine and weather issues, saw a 10.6% increase in 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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