Cardi B discusses technical issues with her album

It’s already four years since Cardi B’s debut album “Invasion of Privacy.” The project released in April 2016 remains a hit until today, May 18, 2022 and there is still no sign as to the arrival of his second album.

The Bronx bomb surrendered on Twitter this Tuesday, May 17 to share a brief update regarding his elusive project. Cardi went through a voice notewhere she admitted that her upcoming music suffered from multiple “technical difficulties”.

“I’ve seen a lot of you say bullshit like, ‘Oh, she’s not feeding us. So when I put on what I’m going to release, I don’t talk about it anymore because clearly, I can’t talk about it now. But I really had technical difficulties with my last project. I had not one, not two, but three technical difficulties with the music I was working on that needed to be resolved and sorted out before releasing it. When things come out, that’s when I talk about them. Yeah, we’re gonna find out because I know you want it and I’m gonna give it to you, okay? OK.”

Although she didn’t elaborate on the difficulties she’s currently facing, the confirmation does at least mean that Cardi B is about to release another single and start the communication around her next album.

The mother of two children had promised, some time ago, that his second album would be released before the end of 2022.

Waiting, for sure Kay Flock’s hit, “Shake It” become a true anthem, that we can find it featuring since last month.

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