Cardi B reacts to controversy created by Nicki Minaj’s ex-assistant’s fake account

A fake account posing as a former collaborator of Nicki Minaj makes allegations about her alleged ex-employer and Cardi B.

Cardi B says her silence was misinterpreted

On social networks, the account Kate Miller wreaks havoc and pretends to be an ex-assistant of Nicki Minaj. Indeed, she reports that her former boss owes several million at theIRS. She continues that there is a falling out between her and Beyonce, normani and Ariana Grande. Mrs Petty denied everything.

Later, the impostor said that the dishcloth burns between Cardi B and Nicky. The first reaction of Belcalis Almanzar was relayed by the Youtuber Armon Wiggins. She does not recognize herself in these remarks.

She wanted to clarify things herself: “Another thing I see is people saying, oh, you discuss this and that with Armon. No, a lot of blogs contacted me asking me about this nonsense that happened two days ago. And I told everyone that it wasn’t true”.

She continues: “…Guess what? If I don’t answer when people ask me, they’ll assume it’s real. And then they will run with it. I don’t lie about people. I will not let go of a narrative that is not true…”.

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