Cardi B says “rats will drown us” with new cut in New York

New York, November 20 (EFE).- Rapper Cardi B, originally from the New York neighborhood The Bronx, attacked this Sunday against the cuts announced last week by New York Mayor Eric Adams, ensuring that The rats are leaving. “Drown” the city’s residents.

“In New York they will be cutting $120 million which will impact schools, public bookstores and police departments. They’re also going to cut health care by $5 million. The rats are going to drown us,” the artist decried in a live stream on Instagram, alluding to the known abundance of rodents in New York City, which have become a chronic problem in the municipality.

The artist also attacked United States President Joe Biden: “How can it be that 120 million euros will be cut for schools, libraries and security, while Biden keeps saying that we are in two wars (in Ukraine and Gaza Can finance )?”

In 2020, Cardi B publicly aligned herself with Biden, who was a presidential candidate at the time, and even interviewed him for ELLE magazine; However, in the live broadcast he assured that he would not support any presidential candidate in the next election.

Additionally, Cardi B called “nonsense” the fact that Adams attributed the cuts to the immigration crisis and the expiration of pandemic-era stimulus policies.

The mayor said in a statement last Thursday that “immigration costs are rising, tax revenue growth is slowing and COVID stimulus funds are running out,” and therefore, it was necessary to make cuts to the city budget.

With these cuts, the police will not allow recruiting for the next two years, with the goal of having fewer than 30,000 officers by the end of 2025, and the Education Department will face $1 billion in cuts.

In relation to the immigration crisis, Adams limited immigrants’ stays in shelters to 30 days – a period in which they are provided shelter and food – to combat the humanitarian and economic crisis he alleges the city is Affects.

To address the rising costs associated with caring for asylum seekers, the city added $6.2 billion to the plan for fiscal years 2024 and 2025, bringing total funding to $10.8 billion.

The cuts will impact libraries as well as rat control programs and climate change mitigation measures.

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