Cardi B shows support for ‘problematic’ Will Smith

In spite of that public scandal, Will Smith Still one of the most loved entertainers in the world. Maybe it’s because we grew up with their music? Or maybe it’s his enduring love for her The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Or could it be that he seems like a nice guy? Whatever the reason, the Oscar winner is the celebrity equivalent of non-stick bread. The dispute ends immediately.

One of those controversies came to light recently when a former employee claimed to testify Smith is having sex with actor Duane Martin, First off, this story comes from an interview with YouTuber Tasha K and king richard Starr’s former assistant brother Bilal. This is where I remind you Tasha K. Not a reliable source at all. Someone very familiar with his work had an opinion about him going after the rapper/actor. cardi bThe winner of the defamation case against Tasha showed her support for Will during a instagram live on Wednesday.

“I don’t like what people are doing to Will Smith. He said, “I feel like Will Smith is very problem-free and I think he has a good heart.”

I’m pretty sure there’s at least A person who thinks Will is problematic, invasion of privacy The rapper also explained how he feels their shared astrological sign plays a role in the way people keep coming to him.

“Pound, we are being tried. And then when we get angry, we get so angry that we go wrong,” she said. “I feel like y’all are doing this to Will Smith.”

And then she had time to shed some light on Tasha Kay’s direction, referencing someone who doesn’t understand how journalistic integrity works.

“I don’t like that some people never change. “I’m so tired of people picking on that guy,” the “Bongos” artist said. “Your job as a journalist, you have to be able to figure out whether someone is talking nonsense or not. ‘Cause anyone can say anything about anyone. Look what happened to me in 2018 when a bitch – I didn’t even know her name – knew me. Anyone can tell a false story about you and people will believe it. So it should be your job to find out whether something is a lie or not.”

Turns out Cardi isn’t wrong. After these baseless claims made headlines, Jada Pinkett Smith told breakfast club He says brother Bilal did this in reaction when he and Will couldn’t reach an agreement over money men in Black The star reportedly owes him. Jada also said, “We are going to take legal action. Because it’s one thing to have an opinion about someone versus just making up salacious, malicious stories.”

Tasha’s already filed for bankruptcyBut apparently he still hasn’t learned his lesson.

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