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Dominican-American rapper Cardi B revealed on Friday that she looks thin for this reason She has had two liposuctions, One for each of their kids, plus a butt lift.

Dominican communicator Frederick Martínez, “El Pacha”, commented to her on the radio program “El Vasilón de la Mañana” (Mega 97 FM in New York), that he saw her as different and more “beautiful”, the rapper told him. Replied him with his characteristic humor. Her cosmetic surgery, which she started doing after her first pregnancy.

“Last time I came, I didn’t have two kids, my body has changed, last time I came I never had lipo, I made like two. For every boy I make one“, he commented in the interview.

The artist’s first name was also reported as Belcalis Almanzar. That she had to have a buttock lift because of the birth of her last childHe saw that they had fallen more.

Furthermore, he said that he Supports and agrees with women undergoing surgery Aesthetics and “touch-ups” when they deem it necessary.

Cardi B talks about her upbringing

Similarly, he talked about the video clip that went viral during his first interview on the program, where he responded to a listener who indicated that his grandchildren liked the artist’s music, But he “said a lot of bad words.”

At that time, the artist replied that ““I’m not raising your children or grandchildren.”And she didn’t want to stop being authentic because she wanted to be “an example for others to follow.”

Four years after that interview, he again confirmed that he is still Now despite having children of her own, she still sticks to the same opinion because she is the one who is raising them.And although it’s inevitable that they listen to his music, he tells them “not to say (expletive) words.”

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