Cardi B withdraws her support for Joe Biden over US military aid to Israel and Ukraine

Critically reviewed on Instagram by Washington and New York Democrats, the right wing financier deals critical of Washington and Ukraine and Israel.

Joe Biden lost a Southern de Poids. The US President, candidate for election at Maison Blanche, is Cardi B’s next star in 2024. That’s what American rap announced on live Instagram, as reported by the Guardian. Elle denouement notation la “contradiction entre les politiques interior et étrangère des états-unites” analyzed by the Guardian.

“Joe Biden said: ‘Oi, nous pouvons financiers deux wars’ (Washington gives a significant support to Israel and Ukraine, NDLR) (…) Non! Nous pouvons pas financiers ses guerres”, Cardi B declared .

In a video that went viral, Cardi B revealed significant budget coups made by the New York administration.

“I want an additional sum of 5 million dollars in the budget of Écoles, Bibliothèques, security services and murder”, deplor-t-elle, soligent la proliferation de ville rat in America.

“The Navy did not call the financier Ces Guerres!”

A jus ces coupes budgeteurs en explicant que nouvelle attribution des funds était necessaire en raison de l’important dans la ville for the Democrats of New York.

“The number of migrants has increased, the fiscal economy has slowed and there is a shortage of funds to respond to COVID-19,” Eric Adams said in a release. “Aucun ville ne dévet être livre à elle-même pour guerre une crisis humanitarian nationale, et sans le soutien significatif et opportunity don’t know even a kiss from Washington, DC, budget d’orchard’hui ne ser qu’un début”.

The Guardian points out that Joe Biden’s administration “has not accepted the response to New York City’s financial demand.”

Cardi B, who recently reported that she is running opposite Donald Trump in 2020, praised former President Bernie Sanders, who is “a stepdaughter and another president.”

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