Carey Mulligan shares rare update on baby No. 3 with Marcus Mumford (exclusive)

A happy arrival in the family!

Acclaimed actress Carey Mulligan recently shared an exclusive update on the newest member of her family, baby No. 3, with her husband Marcus Mumford. Mulligan, known for her private family life, made a rare appearance at Variety’s 2023 Power of Women Los Angeles ceremony. During the program, he expressed his happiness and shared his experience with this new arrival in his family.

The Gala Appearance: Mulligan Steps Out in Style

Mulligan attended the 2023 Variety Power of Women Los Angeles ceremony in style. The actress, best known for her roles in films like “The Great Gatsby” and “Promising Young Woman,” walked the carpet with grace and charm. Amidst the glamor of the event, Mulligan spoke to ET’s Cassie DeLaura about her newest addition to the family, and expressed her joy with a thumbs up and a smile.

Adorable baby moment: Emily Blunt shares love

Mulligan’s joy over the newborn baby extended far beyond his own family. Emily Blunt, another honoree at the ceremony, shared her excitement at getting the chance to spend time with Mulligan’s baby on the same flight to Los Angeles. Blunt couldn’t hold back her praise, calling the baby “delicious” and expressing how beautiful she thought the little one was. Mulligan laughingly revealed that Blunt happily “stole” the baby for 20 minutes, leaving Mulligan delighted with the impromptu bonding session.

Baby No. 3: A “good baby” gets high praise

Mulligan happily shared her early experiences with baby No. 3, describing the new arrival as a “good baby, 10 out of 10 so far.” Her positive assessment, along with a thumbs up and a smile, indicates the happiness and satisfaction that the new arrival has brought into her and Marcus Mumford’s life. Mulligan’s light-hearted comment about the indefinite duration of the child’s good behavior added a touch of humor to his thoughts.

Emily Blunt’s passionate encounter: the “delicious baby” moment

Honor partner Emily Blunt, who shared the same flight with Mulligan, couldn’t contain her excitement about meeting the new member. Blunt described the baby as “delicious” and expressed surprise at the child’s beauty. Mulligan, laughing at Blunt’s praise, revealed a playful moment where Blunt “stole” her baby for 20 minutes, highlighting the camaraderie and happiness between the two actresses.

Mulligan’s personal family life: a rare glimpse

Mulligan and Mumford, who tied the knot in 2012, are known for keeping their relationship and family life private. The arrival of baby No. 3 provides a rare glimpse of their growing family. In addition to the latest addition, Mulligan and Mumford have an 8-year-old daughter, Evelyn Grace, and a 5-year-old son, Wilfred.

The Power of Women: Conversations with Daughter Evelyn

Mulligan, honored at the ceremony for her work with the organization War Child UK, took a moment to reflect on a conversation she had with her 8-year-old daughter, Evelyn Grace. He highlighted the importance of children being more aware in the current cultural and social scenario. Mulligan emphasized that her daughter is encouraged to have a real voice and actively participate in conversations about the power of women.

Mulligan’s Grand Honor: Gratitude and Appreciation

Expressing his disbelief, Mulligan shared his feelings about being honored at the ceremony. She acknowledged the incredible group of women and diverse organizations represented, emphasizing their need in society. Mulligan, who spoke about her work with War Child UK at the event, expressed her gratitude for the recognition and considered it a wonderful platform to raise awareness for important causes.

Star-studded gala: Notable honors

Variety’s Power of Women Los Angeles ceremony featured a star-studded lineup of honorees, including Fantasia Barrino, Billie Eilish, Lily Gladstone and Margot Robbie. The event celebrated the achievements and contributions of these influential women in their respective fields, creating a powerful and inspiring atmosphere.

Mulligan is balancing family, career and advocacy

Carey Mulligan’s rare update on her growing family brings a heartwarming touch to the public story surrounding the actress. Balancing her thriving career, personal family life, and advocacy work, Mulligan stands as a testament to the power of women in a variety of fields. As the actress continues to make an impact in Hollywood and beyond, her commitment to empowering conversations and recognizing important causes remains a notable aspect of her public persona.

Conclusion: Mulligan’s Multifaceted Presence

Carey Mulligan’s appearance at the 2023 Variety Power of Women Los Angeles ceremony not only showcased her beauty and style, but also provided a rare glimpse of her extended family. An insightful update on baby No. 3, as well as a heartwarming meeting with Emily Blunt, added a personal touch to the evening. Mulligan’s thoughts on her powerful conversation with her daughter and her gratitude for the ceremony’s honor highlighted the actress’ multifaceted presence in both the entertainment industry and philanthropy.

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