CARIBBEAN SERIES – Tigers define rotation; Audo will not go to Venezuela

The manager José Offerman, who will command the Tigres del Licey troop, representatives of the Dominican Republic in the Gran Caracas 2023 Caribbean Series, defined the pitching rotation for the event that begins next Thursday, February 2.

“Raúl Valdés, first; Domingo Robles, second; Esmil Rogers, third; César Valdez, fourth and Steven Moyers, fifth” announced the leader of the Dominican baseball champion team.

Offerman pointed out that due to the large number of players, he will do everything possible to give everyone the opportunity “it is no longer about the Tigres del Licey, it is about the Dominican Republic as a country and we will try to use each one, give them the opportunity to everyone to participate in this Caribbean Series, but at the same time try to put the best possible team on the field”.

Seattle bans travel
Political differences between the United States and Venezuela have collided head-on in different arenas over the years. And this time an actor outside of these two nations is the one who suffers from this reality and it is Audo Vicente, general manager of the Tigres del Licey.

Vicente reported that he will not be able to make the trip to Venezuela for the Caribbean classic due to the impediment of the Seattle Mariners, an organization for which he works in Major League Baseball.

“The policy of our organization (Seattle Mariners) is that no one who is not a Venezuelan national can enter that country. We spent more than a week requesting the permit or authorization, but it could not be achieved. You prepare for this scenario, to look for an international crown, it’s not something you like, but you have to respect it.” Vicente is the Mariners’ Latin American scout.

Audo Vicente reported that the baseball operations team that will accompany manager José Offerman is led by Fernando Ravelo, who will act as operations manager along with Richard Jiménez, Gary Peralta, Ricky Vásquez, Miguel Benítez and Fabio Herrera.

“Our team is almost complete since there are organizations that do not have that limitation. Ravelo, who is a super manager, has been part of the group since the preparation of the draft, he is not a stranger and Richard, in his capacity as director of planning and strategy, leads a good representation from Licey and now from the Dominican Republic”, said Vicente .

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