Carlo Conti did it again. The “sgarro” to the colleague in front of everyone


Carlo Conti and Alfonso Signorini: direct confrontation. Who won the share and listen competition of the evening of 1 October 2021? Let’s find out together the data of the preferences of the Italian public

Listening data 25 September 2021
Remote control – Image by Ron Porter from Pixabay

Yet another share battle between two giants of Italian Saturday night. Who will have prevailed?

The long-lived and acclaimed talent was broadcast on Rai Uno “Such and what show”, led by Carlo Conti. Canale 5, Mediaset’s flagship network, countered with a new episode of the “Big Brother Vip”. At the helm Alfonso Signorini, flanked by commentators Sonia Bruganelli and Adriana Volpe.

What were the alternatives of the other networks? The fifteenth episode of the eighteenth season of the acclaimed American series was broadcast on Rai Due “NCIS”. On Rai Tre we were able to see the comedy film “The profs are coming” with Claudio Bisio, Lino Guanciale, Maurizio Nichetti And Maria Di Biase. Italia 1 continues for the third week in a row with the saga of “Rambo” with Sylvester Stallone. On Rete Quattro the information was broadcast with “Fourth degree” with Gianluigi Nuzzi and Alessandra Viero.

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Listen to TV on October 1st 2021: who won the share competition?

The winner of the evening of 1 October 2021 is once again Rai 1 with “Such and what show” with Carlo Conti: a bomb! It records 4,027,000 spectators equal to 21.9% share.

Beaten again on Canale 5 with the film “Big Brother Vip”with Alfonso Signorini which enthralled 2,487,000 spectators equal to 16.9% share.

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Let’s find out the other data:


Italy 1: ” Rambo 2 – Revenge”- 1,093,000 spectators equal to 5.4% share.

Rai Due: “NCIS – Anticrime Unit” – 1,216,000 spectators equal to 5.4%.

Network Four: “Fourth Degree” – 1,099,000 spectators with 6.7% share.

Nine: “Brothers of Crozza” – 1,013,000 spectators (4.7% share).

La7: “Live Propaganda” – 750,000 spectators with a 4.7% share.

Rai3: “Prof.”- 760,000 spectators equal to a 3.6% share.

Tv8: “Gomorrah 4 ″ in replica – 371,000 spectators equal to 1.8% share.

Gf vip
Alfonso Signorini (photo from Instagram)

Tonight, 2 October 2021, we will see the game on Rai Uno TV “Arena Suzuki 60 70 and 80 (Show)”, conducted by Amadeus. On Channel 5, however, all tuned to the talent show “Tu si que vales” with Belen Rodriguez, Martín Castrogiovanni And Alessio Sakara. They judge Maria De Filippi, Sabrina Ferilli, Gerry Scotti, Rudy Zerbi And Teo Mammucari.


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