Carlos Alvarado makes a confession at the end of the second electoral round

The President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado Quesada, revealed this Sunday after casting his vote at the Liceo de Pavas that the most difficult moment of his mandate occurred between September and October.

“We were in the hardest part of the pandemic, in September and October of last year, there was high unemployment and in the middle of that we had to make an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). There were also demonstrations and even attempts to hit the government. That can make the most difficult moment of all, “said the president.

Alvarado also made a call to cast the vote and assert the right that they have in Costa Rica.

“The call at this time is that the polls are still open, that we all have the option to decide and that we do so, that we assume that responsibility, this is the moment. There was a first round where there were quite a few options, there each one proposed what he thought was best and that is reduced, as is natural in democracy, to two options. Call Costa Ricans to exercise their right and duty to vote,” Alvarado explained.

Finally, he asked the future president to love Costa Rica and the population to contribute from its different areas, as well as to value the country.

“We have something very precious that is Costa Rica, which is a society and a country that stands out, it is not just any country and we should not take it for granted, we must take great care of it, we must protect it because it is also greatly admired and sometimes We do not recognize that, so it is up to all of us that, from the small actions of each day and even the big decisions, we take care of this blessed piece of land that is our home, that would be our call to all of us because everyone’s responsibility is not just from one person. When you have to be president, as in my case, you have a great responsibility, but the fact that a country moves forward is with good leadership and with the efforts of all the people, so let’s take care of this country, “he stressed.

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