Carlos Antonio Vélez criticizes Néstor Lorenzo for players without minutes in the Colombian National Team | Colombia selection

Carlos Antonio Vélez has no peace with the Colombian National Team. Sometimes they are called, others are absent, in the end there is always a nuisance that denounces in its different spaces with the team that Néstor Lorenzo now guides.

The new one has to do with the most recent call for the friendly against the United States (0-0), which included a majority of players from the local environment, given the impossibility of having many from Europe because it was not a FIFA date.

Vélez used a clear example to express his disagreement: Millionaires. After recalling the calls of Llinás and Montero and the decision to keep them called up in the two friendlies against Mexico and Guatemala, when the club had the definition of the BetPlay Cup against Junior and that forced them to return on an expensive charter flight, the expert focused in what the DT really wants.

“Do you know what Néstor Lorenzo has against Millionaires? He took 2 players when Millonarios was playing a final. And now he takes 3, he punishes 1, he puts ‘a little pout’ on the other and he doesn’t put it on the other. Why did he take Cataño? He did not use it for a single minute, leave it here, ”he said on Antena 2.

“When he is trying to assemble the team, they take away the players. Well, take them off, but put them to play. But taking them out to accumulate miles, I found it terribly offensive, particularly with Millonarios, because he is doing it repeatedly with Millonarios and I don’t know what the issue is, ”he commented.
Blue was not the only subject that did not convince him, as he criticized the predilection for Fabra over Junior Hernández, from Tolima, who did not have minutes either: “If he goes, he will give the whole game to Fabra and he will put there to Falcao, well, don’t take him and don’t harm the teams”, pointed out Vélez.

At this point, suspicions begin to arise for the analyst: “I am absolutely sure that there were some unacceptable things. What will Lorenzo have against Millonarios? One begins to get ‘pissed off’, to suspect and feel that ‘whiff’ Lorenzo… He It was himself, who in the Millonarios by Cup final, against Junior, took a couple of Millonarios players and did not return them, when he could have perfectly returned them after the first game, because “discipline had to be maintained.” ‘cuentazo'”, concluded.

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