Carlos Antonio Vélez goes from lashing out at James Rodríguez to asking for him in the Colombian National Team | Colombia selection

The only thing that has no reverse is a river, said Hernán ‘Bolillo’ Gómez, famous for his sayings, years ago. And this is what is happening to Carlos Antonio Vélez with James Rodríguez.

The journalist, one of the most acid critics of the left-hander, spoke of justice and stressed that the player’s current situation has him on the list of summons in the Colombian National Team.

“James is earning the right to be in the National Team, things have a name, justice. Rodríguez at one point was called up without playing in Qatar, his call up made no sense, they called him because of his past, I criticized him for that. One has to be fair and coherent, today he can be summoned”, he said in ‘Palabras Mayores’ on Antena 2.

He said that he has played good games and other bad ones, but that in any case he is eligible: “He is playing complete games, he is competing. Today it is fair to call James to the Colombian National Team. Before, I opposed it, because he did not deserve to be called, ”he added.

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Velez talks about James

Velez talks about James

Vélez said that he opposed the call before because “it didn’t make sense” but that now he does approve the call, although he admits that in any case his opinion has had little weight. In the end, the confidence of coach Néstor Lorenzo has been definitive.

He spoke of Santos Borré and said that he is staying because there were no important teams interested, he spoke of Borja and suggested that Rondón arrives because DT Demichelis does not trust only him. He explained that Cuadrado does not count in the new Juventus model and praised only Racing’s Johan Carbonero for the Super Cup title against Boca Juniors.

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