Carlos Bremer: Shark Tank businessman close to Canelo Alvarez passes away

Carlos Bremer, businessman, member of the stock market sector and famous for his participation in the program “Shark Tank Mexico”, has died today January 5, at the age of 63,

The businessman had become unconscious inside the office on January 2. value financial group, located in San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León. A strong mobilization of emergency services was recorded outside the offices, to enable the Bremner got a hospitall And they were provided with essential services.

What did Carlos Bremner die from?

The cause of death is still unknown. Since Tuesday, January 2, he remained hospitalized after suffering a pre-infarction in his office in San Pedro, Nuevo León.

Who was Carlos Bremner?

carlos bremernative of Monterrey, Nuevo LeonGained fame for his participation in the successful program ‘Shark Tank Mexico’‘, a program in which they selected people with the best business ideas to finance their products. The businessman is a father of four children, and is currently 63 years old.

bremmerStarted his career as a travel organizer and salesman as a teenager until he started working in the home At the age of 19, he entered the stock market. Carlos Bremer graduated as an accountant from the Technological Institute Higher studies of Monterey, And in 1993, together with his partner Javier Benítez Gómez, he capitalized Grupo Financiero Value, the company of which he is president to this day.

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