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By Robiel Vega

The Minnesota option ended up being very comfortable for him, since he always said that during his year with the Twins he felt at home.

Boras, Correa’s agent, said five to six teams showed interest when the Mets began dragging out negotiations, but he prioritized the Twins’ proposal because they were on Correa’s very short list, how comfortable they were he feels with them and the fact that the club respects his leadership.

The attitude of Derek Falvey, president of the Twins’ baseball operations department, was always positive. When he heard about the Giants’ proposal, he wished him good luck and congratulated him; but according to his own statements, when he said goodbye to the Puerto Rican, he knew that he felt something special for the organization.

When asked the question, “‘Are we your third choice?’” Falvey said. “He is a human being, who was offered a lot of money twice. We can sit here and say things like: it’s your first choice, second choice, third choice. I can tell you that when I had that call with him that night when he originally signed with San Francisco, it was very emotional for both of us. He cares about this place”.

After San Francisco declined to sign him, the Twins didn’t get a chance to re-enter the fray because Mets owner Steve Cohen was quick and aggressive in getting Correa and by the time Falvey got up around 6: 15 the next morning, he had a text from the agent on his phone: “Derek, he’s going to sign elsewhere. Thanks for your words earlier.”.

But history repeated itself, the concern for Correa’s ankle was once again an impediment for the deal to be finalized, despite the fact that at this minute, there is no problem with him and he is in a better physical state than in 2022: “Doctor Camp told me that I am in tremendous shape, even better than last year, that’s what he told me”, Correa recounted about his conversations with the doctor before beginning this process.

But negotiations with the Mets also fell through, and by Christmas Falvey and the Twins contacted Boras again, assuming something was wrong because Correa was still unsigned, simply to let him know they were still available to talk.

Borás already said it, “You have to give them credit, they got into that terrain. Did they reach the top? No. But they got in there. And that was always on my mind, because that showed me that Minnesota is ready. They had that perception. The owners are committed to getting where they got to. That was what really allowed me to take Derek’s interest to a level where I knew he had the ability to achieve a goal in a very difficult situation.”.

Sometimes in baseball, like in life and everything else, fate and luck come together and there will be an opportunity you didn’t expect.Falvey commented. “Paths are not always linear. Sometimes they are convoluted, but they are here and they brought us back to the place that we always knew was the right place for Carlos.”.

Already at the beginning of January Borás contacted Falvey and asked him to move seriously to finalize an agreement and from that moment and in the course of ten days they kept in contact daily. Last weekend the talks between both parties took a new course and after the agent’s counterproposal, they reached an agreement for six years and 200 million, with the potential to extend it to 10 years and 270 million thanks to certain clauses and options.

The novel ended last Tuesday, when Correa and his family boarded a plane headed for Minnesota, where he once again underwent medical examinations and this time he passed them without difficulty. Correa is back home and this time for a long time.

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