Carlos Salcedo says yes to Chivas, Paunovic found out and made a decision

Carlos Salcedo has been offered to Chivas
Carlos Salcedo has been offered to Chivas

Mexican defender Carlos Salcedo would have been offered to return to Chivas after his misfortune with the Braves de Juárez. The Titan would be willing to lower his salary in order to reach the rojiblanca squad, as confirmed by the journalist Jesús Hernández.

Coach Paunovic would have requested the arrival of a new defender in order to strengthen that block in the Chivas team. The name they offered him was Carlos Salcedo, but according to the aforementioned source they would have rejected it.

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Paunovic would not have been completely convinced regarding the disciplinary part with the player, since he has had several off-field incidents, it is something that the strategist of the rojiblanco team prefers to avoid

Why doesn’t Carlos Salcedo return to Chivas?

The Mexican defender, despite being offered by the representatives to play Chivas, would not have been accepted by the coaching staff. Carlos Salcedo would have several incidents of these people that place him as a problem player and for this reason the DT would not have wanted him at the club.

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