Carlos Tévez explained why he did not congratulate Lionel Messi after winning the 2022 World Cup, and that Argentina was not his favorite | Soccer | Sports

Carlos Tévez reviewed, in Radio Miter from Buenos Aires, his experience as a coach at Rosario Central and also spoke about how he continued the World Cup, won by Argentina, and the reason why he did not congratulate Leo Messi on the victory in Qatar.

“I don’t miss the Boca world, nor football because it exhausted me,” he also noted, according to a newspaper publication. ACE from Spain.

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“I followed the World Cup a little. I followed France a lot because it was a team that I liked, ”said Tévez, who surprised by explaining the reason why he did not congratulate Messi on the title:“ I did not write to Messi because he must have had his phone blown up. It gives me great joy that my children shout his goals”.

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Regarding his departure from Central, Tévez wanted to make it clear that his departure from the club was not for a sporting matter: “I had the chance to stay at Central, but I did not stay for a political issue. As soon as I left Rosario Central they called me from Independiente. I am enjoying the moments. I am with the family in the ranch that I have. I like to enjoy the affection of the people. Being a coach was a good experience, I love it. The part of the strategy was what I liked the most”.

Tévez would like to return to the bench, but not at any price or with any team. He is looking for a project with guarantees: “Having a good project in Argentine soccer today is very difficult, there are three or four clubs that can do it. Today I don’t have the need to go out and direct anything. Projects seduce me”. (D)

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