Carlos Zambrano on the departure of Boca Juniors: They criticized me from all sides without proof – Alianza Lima

Carlos Zambrano is a new Alianza Lima player, where last weekend he was one of the most applauded footballers in the presentation of the blue and white squad for 2023 where the goals were set to win the three-time championship of the league 1 and transcend in the Libertadores Cup.

The arrival of Carlos Zambrano a Lima Alliance His departure from Boca Juniors was also a determining factor. The ‘León’ had six months left on his contract with the ‘xeneizes’ and when his renewal was an option, he finally rescinded. The defender explained at a press conference how he left the Argentine team.

“It is a very complicated issue because it was decided in a day and a half, when everything was practically closed. Complicated things happened that got out of my hands, the first thing I did was return to Peru and by mutual agreement break the contract. I was always a gentleman, I never spoke too much, they criticized me from all sides without proof. The press always speculated a lot, they put out many versions and even so I kept quiet, they hit me from all sides. I characterized myself like this, I always ate it alone. It remains in them how things were. I remain calm, I was always direct, never double-faced. This is football,” she noted.

Zambrano and his departure from Boca Juniors

Carlos Zambrano was cautious regarding his end of cycle in Boca Juniorsa club with which he played 62 official matches since his arrival in 2020 and won 5 titles.

“I remain very calm, I know what I did, I am a professional when I am on the field, in the dressing room I had 10 points with everyone. If they asked my colleagues or the majority of the workers, they were all happy with me, they all wrote me sad because I was leaving, but it is part of football, it is a big business that sometimes has to accept decisions from above, “he said.

Zambrano “grateful” with Boca

From Argentina they pointed out that one of the reasons for his departure from Boca Juniors, when he had six months left on his contract, responded to a reason for discipline that would have led the coach Hugo Ibarra to express that he would not have Carlos Zambrano.

“I am not going to go out and speak ill of anyone, if I have to obey orders, I will do it. I could speak reality, but it is not possible, I prefer to remain silent. I gave myself 100% to the team. The last two months when the defenders were injured, I was a little bit beaten up and still I went on the field exposing my integrity. The technical body knows the reality, the leadership too. I am grateful for three beautiful years”, concluded the 33-year-old central defender.


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