Carlota de Monaco pregnant at 36, suspected by the photo of her belly

Charlotte of Monaco It is not clear whether to include it in the celebrity or blue blood section. Of all the European Royal Houses, it is the least royal. For the country, very small and tax haven, for the titles, they have no king, and for the incumbent, Prince Albert of Monaco who is by far the most surly, suspicious and not very royal of the monarchist heads of state. His wife Charlene She lives bitter for being badly married. Many suspect that she signed a confidentiality agreement to collect in exchange for procreating. but the magazine Hello whitens this small Principality on the French coast by making believe that members of his Royal family they are just as royal as the English or the Norwegians, and are of lower rank in the who is who of royalty But the glamor of the prince’s sister, the great Caroline of Monaco, allows the license to follow them. And of all the Monegasque heirs, his daughter Charlotte it is especially wonderful, glamorous and fabulous. Mother and daughter, splendid:

Caroline of Monaco GTRES

Charlotte of Monaco GTRES

Carlota with actress Kristen Stewart, pregnant GTRES

Carlota’s photo, who now has splendid 36 years, is from an act in Paris where it becomes clear that the princess will be a mother for the third time She holds her belly next to an actress, Kristen Stewart, who shows her navel. The princess of Monaco, who does not have the official title but deserves it, is covered and touching her potbelly. Unequivocal symbol that the volume is not due to poor digestion but to her third child. In another act to the Pierre de Monaco Foundation the profile picture is more revealing:

HO4082 Charlotte of Monaco

Carlota with a very pregnant belly, GTRES

You can’t be a little pregnant. Either she is or she isn’t. as Charlotte is eleventh in the line of succession they do not have much official consideration for him but the pink press adores him. She looks pretty even without her hair done, she is the most princess of princesses despite not having the title of princess. Next to Amalia from Holland, Íngrid from Norway and Leonor from Spain, Carlota wins them without getting off her heels. In the small jar is the good jam, like the tiny Monaco. She in a state of good hope. Congratulations. Carlota already has two children from two different fathers, Raphaël Elmaleh8 years old, and Balthazar Rasam4 years old.

Carolina’s new look, gray-haired

Monaco celebrates its National Day every November 19 and as usual since 1949, the Grimaldi family is the main protagonist. In recent years, the most famous European royals after the English wore a mask. the matriarch, Carolina, great even now that she has abandoned the dye. So it was and so it is:

carolina monaco veil GTRES

Carolina on Monaco Day 2019, GTRES

monaco 5 efe

Carolina Efe

Carolina on the day of Monaco, EFE

Carolina’s gray hair to the 65 years they speak: less frivolity in times of crisis and aging without exaggerated cosmetic surgery. Letizia dies of rage seeing the photos of her. All the commentators envy how the widowed, divorced and always beautiful older daughter of Rainier knows how to be: The rest of the Grimaldi, except Estefania who does not appear in the photos, do not reach the sole of Carolina’s shoe:

albert of monaco ef

monaco 3 ef

monaco 2 ef

monaco 1 efe

monaco 4 ef

The Grimaldi, EFE

Carolina had three children at the time: Andrea and Pierre Casiraghi and Alexandra of Hanover. The most royal among the royals was missing, the wonderful successor of Carolina: Charlotte of Monaco. Meanwhile, in Spain are Froilán and Victoria Federica. Phew.

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