Carmen Electra goes from being a successful actress to selling photos of her feet to OnlyFans

Real OnlyFans SuccessWhich has already achieved a growth rate of five lakh new users per day in 2020, it has achieved that a large number of celebrities have switched their platform to this crowdfunding website. this is the matter carmen electraiconic image of baywatchwhich has given rise to controversy Sell ​​content on page,

Model joins subscription platform May 2022 And said it would give customers “exclusive access to erotic, fun and provocative content.” Recently he gave an interview to the magazine People, carmen electra Indian The peace of mind that your new job gives you As an erotic model on OnlyFans.

He also highlighted the freedom of being able to create content as per his interests and interact with his followers. “I am very happy because I decided to be my own boss In terms of content,” he explained. “I can feel the freedom and creativity to do whatever I want by going back and forth with the fans and their requests.”

The model also revealed that currently Foot photography market is growing rapidlyHowever, there was a demand for this type of content even before the creation of OnlyFans. “In the past, there were websites that focused on my feet in high heels. I accidentally ran into them once, so I always knew these types of places existed,” he explained.

carmen electra Indicated that foot fetish related images are what bring them the most income on OnlyFans The content pack is worth $200, “I get a lot of requests related to my feet, which is a lot of fun for me. I always ask myself, “What would you like to see me do with my feet?” “Should I crush the grapes or add the whipped cream?” They said.

OnlyFans incident

onlyfans is one Crowdfunding platform that was born in 2016 And is based in London. With the unexpected situation of the pandemic, the business found a wider niche offering exclusive adult or erotic content. It continued to grow rapidly and today, the website has grown 40 million viewsAccording to his report.

Its origins were very controversial, as there were many voices accusing the platform of promoting obscene material, a way to whiten it. However, the immense figures that they have achieved over the years indicate great interest among citizens in the platform.

Numbers between 2019 and 2020 Registered User 13.5 million done 82.3 million, an increase of more than 510 percent, as Vanguardia MX points out. The results mean that the total income of content creators will reach $3.86 billion in 2021.

How OnlyFans works is simple. In which the content creator provides an account Users can subscribe by paying a monthly fee and/or paying individually for specific content. Therefore, more than a social network, it is a patronage platform with similar objectives to others like Patreon, but with different content.

Despite the large number of applications the platform works with Ethical debate about the validity of proposed content, ranging from simple dirty talk to frankly suggestive actions. The boundaries of OnlyFans content are unclear.

The dilemma of freedom of expression or sexual exploitation is the key to a conversation that has been trying to unravel the knot that has been stuck for years. It is undeniable that only fans Has revolutionized the porn industry, opening new avenues that facilitate the creation and access of erotic content. However, they also open new avenues of prostitution And abuses.

a long career

tara leigh patrickmostly known as carmen electrathere is one Actress, Model and Producer We. He was born in Sharonville (Ohio) to artistic parents: his mother was a singer and his father a guitarist. Thus, he soon started his career in show business.

At the age of 15, he moved to Minneapolis, where his two sisters lived, and, shortly afterward, he moved to California. There he could meet the singer Princewho reassured him change your name By which it is known today, carmen electra, Thus she began her professional career as a dancer and singer before moving to television.

They also signed a recording contract in California. Paisley Park RecordsPrince’s Company, which determined The beginning of his brief music career, In 1993 he published his first album, which he titled under his own name. carmen electra, The work failed and ended the career that had just begun with the rap group.

After some time, electra He lived up to the opportunity that would bring him fame. She began working as a model and was able to in May 1996 Pose for Playboy Magazine, His photographs had a great influence on public opinion and carmen electra claim to fame. She appeared in the magazine again in June 1997 and was on the cover in December 2000, April 2003, and January 2009.

Additionally, the job also opened doors for him Star in popular television series baywatchas a replacement for Pamela Anderson, He played a lifeguard Lani McKenzie For the 1997–1998 season and retained the role in the reunion movie. Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding in 2003.

Later her figure started getting bigger relevant in the television world, The model was able to host the MTV game show singled out During the 1997–1998 season. He also debuted on the big screen with comedy american vampire As the character Sulka in 1997.

In the following years, the films in which she starred began to appear one after another, confirming the success of the actress. highlights yours attendance at functions such as horror movie, dirty Lovesoul good, epic movie one of two Christmas in Wonderland, Of the latest, Hey they! My son is gay!! one of two two headed shark attack, Additionally, he has made cameos in several television series and commercials.

Currently, at the age of 51, Carmen Electra continues swimsuit modeling And in addition to working for several brands of erotic lingerie and on the OnlyFans platform, she promotes these types of products on her social networks, where she accumulates a large number of followers.

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