Carmen Villalobos says goodbye to “Until the silver separates us”

Sebastián Martínez and Carmen Villalobos star in the new version of "Till money do us part".

Sebastián Martínez and Carmen Villalobos star in the new version of “Until silver separates us”.

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The outstanding Colombian actress, Carmen Villalobos, who has been the protagonist of successful national and international television productions, said goodbye to a new character that she brought to life for the last two years.

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Through his social networks, he confirmed that he will no longer play the leading role in the novel “Until silver separates us” by Canal RCN, so here we tell you everything about this announcement.

What is ‘Til Money Do Us Part’?

The novel, in which Carmen Villalobos and Sebastián Martínez, another renowned Colombian actor, are the protagonists, tells the story of Alejandra Maldonado (Carmen Villalobos and Rafael Méndez (Sebastián Martínez), who, after suffering a car accident, meet and begin to build a romance story, from hate.

In this novel, which is an adaptation of the production that was originally broadcast in Colombia, in 2006 and until 2007, it was the renewed entertainment proposal on national television networks.

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Currently, this novel, which was released in Colombia on May 10, 2022, has other well-known personalities who have been protagonists in important productions in the country, such as Gregorio Pernía and Juliette Pardau.

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About Carmen Villalobos and her career on television

The artist from Barranquilla has been the protagonist of several productions in Colombia and has stood out as one of the most recognized actresses for her iconic roles for more than 10 years.

Some of the novels that have been recognized nationally and internationally are:

  1. “Without breasts, there is no paradise”: novel that was broadcast during 2008 and 2009 and that catapulted Carmen Villalobos to the screens.
  2. “Without breasts there is paradise”: production produced by Fox Telecolombia and Telemundo Global Studios for Telemundo.
  3. “The end of paradise”: the latest sequel to the novel ‘Without breasts there is paradise’ that was broadcast in 2019.
  4. “Woman-fragranced coffee”: 2021 adaptation, starring Laura Londoño and William Levy.

Carmen Villalobos made her departure from the novel official

The character of Alejandra Maldonado joins the list of roles to which the Colombian actress has had to say goodbye.

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As announced through his Instagram account, in which he has more than 20 million followers, he made his departure from the production official, which is still being broadcast in Colombia.

Currently, the novel, which is in its 27th chapter, is also being broadcast through Telemundo Internacional and they are in the last official recordings of the production.

This is how Carmen Villalobos communicated her official departure from the novel “Until silver separates us”:

What is coming for Carmen Villalobos

Although this project is coming to an end, new opportunities are beginning for the actress, since Villalobos’s professional plans include the presentation of the Tu Música Urbano awards for the third time in a row.

These awards, held in the city of Puerto Rico, will be broadcast by Telemundo on June 23.

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