Carolina’s offensive eruption in Cholo gave the Giants the victory

Mayaguez. The Carolina Giants apparently arrived at the Sultana del Oeste on Wednesday eager to hit, and they fully manifested themselves during the first inning of the second game of the final series of the Roberto Clemente Professional Baseball League (LBPRC).

With six hits, a pitch and a walk, the Carolinians produced six runs in the first episode that were enough for them to prevail with a score of 6-4 and level the final series 1-1 by winning at Cholo García.

It was the third game in consecutive nights for the Gigantes, who on Monday played a decisive match against the Cangrejeros de Santurce at home and on Tuesday hosted the first final series game at the Roberto Clemente Walker in 16 years.

The Indians, current LBPRC runners-up, reacted with two rounds in the bottom of the first and added two more in the bottom of the seventh inning, but the effort was not enough.

The LBPRC final series has no games scheduled for Thursday, and the third game of the seven-game scheduled series will take place Friday at 7:10 pm at the Roberto Clemente Walker. The fourth game will be on Sunday back at the Cholo García and the fifth will take place on Sunday at the Clemente Walker.

The avalanche of hits began with the same leadoff hitter, Bryan Torres, who led off with a single to center. The next hitter, designated Brian Navarreto, grounded out to third base for the first out.

But everything changed.

A pitch to catcher Rubén Castro left men on first and second and Gabriel Cancel followed with a single to left that loaded the bases.

Anderson Feliz hit an ice-breaking single to right with the Carolinians’ first run off Torres’ legs. It was then that José Sermo, who followed Feliz in the order, fired a double to the right that drove in Castro and Cancel and left the score 3-0 and men in second and third.

Ozzie Martínez, then, went to the batter’s box and with a single to left made Feliz and Sermo step on the plate and the Giants took a 5-0 lead with only one out. Immediately, the leader of the westerners, Mako Oliveras, came out and took Williams off the mound.

Ricardo Vélez came in to relieve Martínez at third base, where he arrived with his earlier drive and a shooting error on the play.

Vélez started with a walk to Jan Hernández, which put runners on the corners, and the next in line, Delvin Pérez, hit an indisputable left fielder that drove Martínez from third and left the game 6-0 with only one hit. out in the first.

The marathon inning ended with leadoff batter Torres hitting a short fly ball to right that second baseman Richie Palacios chased down and caught before throwing to first base and completing a double play.

Then it was the turn of the Indians.

Richie Palacios himself started with a double against the starter for the Giants, Luis Leroy Cruz, and Chavez Young imitated him with another double merit hit so that the locals woke up their fans with their first run.

Emmanuel Rivera flied out to center that allowed Young to advance to third, and Josh Palacios’s groundout for first brought Young across the plate and made it 6-2.

Thereafter, the southpaw Cruz stayed in control for 5.2 innings of work.

But in the seventh inning, the Indians had another chance when import reliever Chris Nunn hit back-to-back pitches to Roberto Perez and Jeremy Rivera with no outs. Then, Richie Palacios got on base with an infield drive to load the bases.

Young singled up the middle of the infield to center and added two to the Indians’ tally in the legs of Perez and Emmanuel Rivera. Palacios wanted to stretch the ball and was shot at third for the first out. On that play, Young reached second.

The threat did not stop and Emmanuel Rivera worked a walk and with a wild pitch from pitcher Ramesis Rosa, Young reached third base. But on the next turn, Josh Palacios fired a whistling line drive to first base that Gabriel Cancel caught, fed to Delvin Perez on the second sack, and received it back in a lightning-fast double play that snuffed out the hosts’ momentum.

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