Caroline Diament reveals a fake tattoo in honor of Jérémy Ferrari, the comedian pays the columnist (PHOTO)

On her Instagram account, Caroline Diament unveiled a fake tattoo in honor of Jérémy Ferrari, in response to a contest launched by the artist this weekend. A small humorous attention qualified as “shipwreck“by the principal concerned.

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On a green holiday, Jeremy Ferrariwho recently celebrated a new stage in his life, offered his fans a contest on his Instagram account this weekend: in exchange for the creation of a small promotional image, original, funny and “legal“, some will be able to win two tickets for the Zénith of their choice as part of their tour General anaesthesia (in which he tackles homeopathic laboratories), a meeting but also two places for his Bercy (now renamed Accor Arena) in Paris scheduled for 2024.

Jérémy Ferrari: a contest to win tickets for his tour General anaesthesia

The comedian who turned to Laurent Ruquier when he was at his worst has already received proposals … not really to his liking. And sarcastic and mocking as he is, he shared a few on social media! Before reacting this beginning of the week: “You make me laugh because you send me messages saying: ‘Oh it’s not very nice to make fun of people who have done things anyway. They made an effort and you laugh at them‘. Then after you send me messages where you say to me: ‘Could you publish in your stories the other things that weren’t necessarily very good?“. The artist, targeted by death threats, continues: “I’m not going to say that it wasn’t very good, indeed there were efforts, there were attempts. I’m not going to pass judgment… But here are the ones we’re going to call “Les Recalés”!“.

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Caroline Diament’s (false) participation in Jérémy Ferrari’s competition: “I gave it my all at the tattoo artist

And among these unfortunate candidates, revealed in her story, there is a well-known TV and radio columnist: Caroline Diamond ! The one who revealed why she will never be in a relationship again also tried her luck, not without humor: “Here I gave everything to the tattoo artist, I hope it will deserve two free places!!! Fingers crossed“, she wrote, accompanied by the words “BERCI, Jeremy Ferrari“Inscribed on his hand. A parody participation that very quickly made the artist react, who had confided in his alcoholism:”The shipwreck...”, he comments in his Instagram story. “They tell him it’s spelled with a Y?“. It’s the (fake) tattoo artist who will be disappointed…

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