Cartier presents new book by Mathilde Laurent

If there is something that no person can resist, it is the deep and enveloping aroma of a perfume, a precept that is very clear Cartier, the firm founded in 1847 that has expanded its market beyond jewelry and watches with authentic fragrances that enclose the characteristic elegance of the brand that also supports the fight against climate change and initiatives in favor of biodiversity. Along with its commitment to the environment, the house continues promoting its creations or projects, the most recent of which is the new literary work of its perfumer Mathilde Laurent titled The Sense of Scenta material that any lover of essences should have in their hands, as it explores the secrets of this fragrant universe from the vision and genius of the French woman who has almost three decades of experience in the market.



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Mathilde Laurent, who since 2005 has been part of the house French, takes a tour of everything related to olfactory sensitivity through the 13 chapters that make up her new book, which preserves her genuine gaze, her creativity and skill, the same qualities that have led her to conceive iconic feminine fragrances, such What Baiser flew either Cartier de Luna.

The Sense of Scent aims to share the perfumer’s vision, while also seeking to celebrate her passion for luxury scents. However, Laurent has a second purpose: to open the doors to the unknown universe of aromas to those less versed or those who are interested in it for the first time. “This book is about the world of fragrance and its goal to introduce people to this world, to enjoy it and see it widely through the sense of smell,” he says in a press release.

The volume follows a manifest narrative, which means that you can read it without following a chronological order. According to Cartier, the objective of the work is to guide the reader through memories, anecdotes and reflections focused on the sense of smell: “Laurent introspects his career, discoveries, learnings and shares his convictions about perfumery as ‘savoir faire ‘ to make it known to the world.”


Laurent explains to the reader, in some passages of his book, the importance of smell for human beings in their daily lives. “It is directly related to the vital breath; because it is intrinsically connected to our very existence. For me, smell is the king of the senses. The meaning of life”, he reads in a short preview. The perfumer recently expressed how happy she is for the publication of her work: “I can hardly believe it… How lucky! And what a joy to be able to share even more! The Sense of Scent translated into English… I can hardly believe it.”

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Mathilde Laurent, almost two decades of creation together with Cartier

Over the last 17 years, Laurent has added his imagination to that of Cartier to give way to the invention of 58 unique and unrepeatable fragrances or, as the firm calls them, “invisible jewels”, which have led it to position itself among top positions in the competitive perfume industry.

The scientist graduated in Chemistry began her career at the International Higher Institute of Perfume, Cosmetics and Food Scents in Versailles. After 11 years strengthening her knowledge and experiences in her branch, she joined the ranks of the brand belonging to the Swiss luxury goods group Richemont. Among the recognitions that she has received from the Fragrance Foundation of France thanks to her collaborations with the house are the Perfumer Award and the Specialist Award.


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