Casemiro Casemiro Organization directs the hiring of Onur

Rodrigo”Honorable“Dalmagro will be the new coach VALORANT of eSports houses. Meet the rush VALORANT ZonesThe Argentine is willing to agree with the organization casemiro, star of the Brazilian Soccer Seleção. The information has been read by the anonymous journalist.

Rodrigo did not perform the role of coach this August of this year, when he took technical command of Leviathan. Previously, the Argentine also wore a shirt KRÜ eSportsa team with a great reception for the great work done.

Last year I was about to coincide with LOUD, when the Brazilian organization was putting together the project that would give rise to the Champions 2022. Not the Argentine anymore, he was involved in some controversies and was discarded by the emerald team.

With no technical command of Leviathan at this time, he failed to incorporate the team. For a long year, Leviathan settled for fifth position VCT Americas League and did not qualify for the Champions League in Los Angeles.

eSports houses

Currently, the Case Esports VALORANT team disputes or VALORANT Challengers from Spain. At the end of the season, you will see great success and be classified in the Liga de Ascensão. No tournament that allows you to compete for the Franchise system, however, in case you are not good and it is necessary to compete with the Challengers more than once.

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