Cassandra Ariel’s Amazing Mera Cosplay That Will Make You Forget Amber Heard

DC has been giving Mera’s character more presence for some time and cosplayer Cassandra Ariel manages to outshine Aquaman himself

Mere is a superheroine of the American publisher DC Comics. The character was created by Jack Miller Y Nick Cardy and his first appearance is in Aquaman #11 in 1963. She is the queen of Atlantis and wife of the superhero Aquamanalthough after the death of the son of the two, Arthur Jr., at the hands of Black Manta, the marriage separated.

The skills of Mere They are similar to those of her husband, so she has the ability to breathe underwater, has great strength, agility, superhuman resistance, super speed and has the magical power to control water, making it possible to mold and solidify water at will. Will. She is also an excellent fighter due to her training. All this makes this superheroine one of the most powerful characters in the Land in the comics of DC.

For a long time, DC has worked for what Mere be a character in her own right, trying to take her beyond being just “Aquaman’s wife”. The efforts paid off and in 2018 the character had her own miniseries. The superheroine also appeared in the aqua man movie, being played by Amber Heard, who had a relevant role in the film. The actress is expected to play Mera again in the sequel. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdombut after the events related to Johnny Depphis role in the film is in doubt.

In recent years, the aquatic superheroine has grown in popularity and many artists have taken notice of this character. The cosplayer Cassandra Ariel wanted to honor the queen of atlantis with one of the most spectacular cosplays we have found.

Mera’s cosplay by Cassandra Ariel

It is not the first time that we talk about this artist, the cosplayer has used to make spectacular designs of characters from DC such as poison ivy in the wild west. In this case we wanted to focus on her work recreating the superheroine Mera.

It was not enough for the popular cosplayer to imitate the classic costume of the queen of atlantis while carrying his trident, he has literally gone underwater to show us one of the best montages related to cosplay.

Even though the suit design is from Cassandraphotography and editing work is work MerrowFins Mermaid Tails, who must be recognized as having done a most spectacular job.

If you want to see more cosplays of the artist, here you have her Instagram.

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