Cassandra tackles her cover of Rihanna

Manon Tanti : while the candidate of the Marseilles took over a song by Rihanna on Tiktok, the canvas knocked her out. And Cassandra also took the opportunity to tackle her!

The recovery of Rihanna makes internet users talk

For the past few days, Manon Tanti has been very active on TikTok. On this platform, the young mother posts small videos from time to time which are always successful. Besides, she did some with Giuseppa that their subscribers really liked!

However, his latest TikTok – which is a backing track of the song rehab by Rihanna – did not please Internet users so much…. However, this video counts more than 3 million views and 4600 comments. Figures that delighted Manon. Until the young mother – who has reconciled with Laura – discovers the content of the comments. “The return of Jean Michel approximately” ; “What exactly did she try? » ; “The lyrics are approximate for someone who speaks English to his kids”; “me when I have lips like that, it’s when I have canker sores”; “She is really the sketch of reality tv”; “MDRRRRR she is waiting for Hollywood to see the tiktok or? »can we read.

Cassandra tackles Manon Tanti!

Manon Tanti (who would be the clone of Jessica Thivenin) then expressed herself in her story by discovering the opinion of her subscribers: “Last night I watch, 4000 comments. I say to myself ‘bah what’s going on, he hit my TikTok’. I am proud of my TikTok, I find myself pretty on it. Well, it’s true that I’m totally filtered, but I think I did really well with my playback. » Except that when Julien asked her what had happened, the candidate replied: “Well, 99% reviews”.

Manon Tanti: Cassandra tackles her cover of Rihanna

It seems that Cassandra and Giovanni (who would have been beaten up during a party) have also decided to make fun of her! And for good reason, while they were together, they also tried this playback. Just like Manon, it seems quite approximate. It was enough for Internet users to see a tackle against Manon. “It targets Manon Tanti, we agree”blogger @gossipmediatvr then asked.

Look :

Carla Moreau: in the same hotel as Manon Tanti, a video where she tackles her revealed!

Carla Moreau: it’s been a few months now that Kevin and Guedj’s darling no longer speaks to Manon Tanti. Both were however in the same hotel in Mykonos…

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