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The world of wrestling and cinema are not two attractive poles, but for many years they have practically existed together, so it is not surprising that professionals of that sport become acclaimed actors, such as Dwayne Johnson And john cena, Or films should be made about the people involved, such as “cassandro,

This new movie features a character who loves and practices wrestling, but not in the traditional way, but in a special way that may cause some controversy. The person in charge of bringing that role to life is the famous Mexican actor Gael García Bernal, who will be joined by other personalities of Mexican cinema, such as Roberta Colindrez, Joaquin Cosio and others.

If you want to know more about this story of Amazon Prime Video, in this article we leave you all the necessary information for its future premiere and also so that you can know a little more about it so that you can choose your favorite. What can you see about it on the screen. Device.

What is the movie “Cassandro” about?

The main character of this story is named Saul Armendariz, who is a wrestler who lives in El Paso, Texas, but due to being gay he may have problems moving forward in this complex world.

He often crosses the border to participate in wrestling competitions in Ciudad Juárez under the name “El Topo”, although this would not last long as he would later change his tactics.

Upon meeting his new coach, Sabrina, he begins to learn many more techniques to develop in wrestling and she suggests he change his character and no longer behave alienly.

A crossover in wrestling is a person who looks and behaves like a drag in the ring. In other words, he is a wrestler who adopts feminine moves and uses them in his performances in fights, which is sometimes a little absurd.

Despite everything, Saul accepts the offer and decides to change his character by adopting the name Cassandro, a move that allows him to advance in wrestling, although initially they do not have much confidence in him.

Bad Bunny has a big involvement in the film “Cassandro” (Photo: Amazon Prime Video)

Actors of “Cassandro”

  • Gael García Bernal as Saul Armendariz / Cassandro
  • Roberta Colindrez as Sabrina
  • Perla de la Rosa as Jocasta
  • Joaquin Cosio as Lorenzo
  • Raul Castillo as Gerardo/Commander
  • saint’s son like himself
  • Bad Bunny as Felipe

When is “Cassandro” released?

According to official information, the film “Cassandro” will premiere on Friday, September 22 through the Amazon Prime Video platform. However, the film will begin airing in some theaters in the United States starting Friday, September 15.

“Cassandro” Trailer

How to watch “Cassandro”?

If you’re in the United States, you can watch the film in select theaters starting this Friday, September 15th. If you are not there then the world premiere of the film is after a week i.e. on 22nd of the same month. To watch the movie, all you need is an active subscription to Amazon Prime Video.

“Cassandro” arrives on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, September 22 (Photo: Amazon Prime Video)

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