Castilla y León offers 314 loyalty contracts for MIR

The Ministry of Health will offer this year a total of 314 contracts within the Professional Loyalty Program who complete specialized health training in the centers of the Regional Health Management, training that is one of the keys to the prestige of the health system of Castilla y León. There are 176 places for doctors who have performed hospital specialties, 128 for Family and Community Medicine Y 10 for Primary Care Pediatrics.

According to the Order published today in the Official Gazette of Castilla y León, the Ministry of Health is committed to providing citizens with quality health care based, among other factors, on the excellence of its professionals. Thus there is special interest in the permanence of residents trained in their centersthrough the performance of care functions and training and research tasks, which contribute to the development of clinical and research skills that every specialist must acquire throughout their career.

Fidelazation program

The program consists of the assessment and scoring of residents by a Evaluation Committee which has been in operation since 2015 (and which takes into account aspects such as their degree of involvement, their professional career and the merit and ability demonstrated during the years of residence), so that, after ranking the interested parties according to that score, a a single appeal procedure in which they will access a temporary contract of up to three years, in which a percentage of up to 25 percent of the day will be allocated to postgraduate training and research.

This training will be done in one of the following ways:Completion, free of charge, of a master’s degree or degree from a university in Castilla y León, or a specialization diploma; participation in a research project related to your specialty; and carrying out training stays, inside or outside Spain, related to his speciality.

To define the 314 contracts that are offered have followed the following procedure: In relation to specialists in Family and Community Medicine, the existing care needs have been determined once the transfer competitions have been completed, as well as the inauguration of the professionals who have passed the last selection process.

In relation to the rest of the specialties, the contracts to be offered are the result of a rigorous study that has identified the existing needs in each health areaas well as short- and medium-term retirements, contracts not chosen by residents in the 2021 job market, or the number of graduates by specialty.

Once the order by specialty and by score obtained has been established, the Regional Health Management will proceed with the appeal, in a single centralized and telematic act that will take place on June 2.

Hiring modalities

The regulations establish that for specialists in Family and Community Medicine eventual contracts of a healthcare nature and linked to research will be offered, which will entail free completion of postgraduate training, master’s degree or own degree, belonging to universities in Castilla y León; Obtaining the Diploma in Public Health developed by the Institute of Studies and Health Sciences Foundation of Castilla y León, in accordance with the National School of Health; participation in research projects developed in their own management or in another; training stays in reference centers, national and international; and free access to enrollment in the continuing education program “Family Medicine Update – AMF”.

As for hospital specialties with deficits, temporary contracts with characteristics similar to the previous ones in terms of training, research or training stays related to their specialty will also be offered.

The offer also includes contracts aimed at professionals who hold the title of Doctor, which will aim to strengthen assistance in those services that have faculty linked to the University. They will be offered to all specialties, deficient or not, in the centers where there are places linked to teaching, and will be linked to the commitment of involvement in the supervision of doctoral theses.

Nursing Contracts

As regards contracts for specialties of Nursingthe Order of the Ministry of Health establishes that, since residents who finish in 2022 do so on September 24, the terms of the loyalty program will be different from the rest, and the offer will be published before September 9.

They will also be offered three years of work, with access to training related to their specialty -master’s degree or own degree-, as well as participation in research projects, the Diploma in Public Healthtraining stays in reference centers and free subscription to the “Community Care” training program.

Finally, the rule establishes the “Recognition to the best resident”so that those who obtain the highest score according to the established assessment will have a documentary recognition as the best resident 2022, which will be distributed as follows: seven for hospital specialties, five for Family and Community Medicine and three for Nursing.

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