Cata Domínguez and Cruz Azul players could be punishedHalftime

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what a controversy the one that has been generated with the birthday party for the son of Julio César Domínguez. The Cruz Azul player fulfilled the wishes of his 12-year-old boy by performing a drug-trafficking themed party by having clothing alluding to Joaquín ‘Chapo’ Guzmán like caps with the initials JGL.

The Liga MX Code of Ethics issued in the year 2017, points that everyone competition participants they must comply with the legal systems that regulate football federated.

Article 6

everyone involveddirectly or indirectly with the FMF and/or its members shall rspit the dignity of people and refrain from carrying out any discriminatory act for reasons of gender, race, ethnic origin, nationality, political opinion, social class, economic position, religion, language or language, sexual preference or disability.

Article 7

Regardless of the ideology of the people and the respect that should be given to them, everyone who is subject to the application of this Code of Ethics should maintain a neutral position in view of religious and political affairs.

Although no specific indication is made about drug traffickingit is made clear that in political matters they must maintain neutrality and it is also invited not to exercise attitudes of violence towards the fans.


Article 34 of the Code alludes to the sanctions that could be received the members of the competition in case of missing a rule.

The sanctions that can be imposed for non-compliance with this Code of Ethics are:

  • Warning Reprimand Temporary suspension Exclusion
  • Penalty fee
  • Community Service Disenrollment

IV. Jurisdiction and Competition

Article 35

This Code of Ethics, It is applicable to all acts that violate the rules of the FMFregardless of the sanctions that in other legal bodies, whether from the FMF itself or various organizations, are applicable to the specific case.

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