‘Cata’ Domínguez, cancellation of the Cruz Azul call, after controversy over children’s party

The defender did not enter the call for La Máquina for the debut in the Clausura 2023, after the controversy over the theme of his son’s party

Julio Cesar Dominguez was left out of the call for Blue Cross for the debut of the Machine at the Closing 2023 against Tijuana, this as the first action against the ‘tasting’After the soccer player organized a weapons-themed party to celebrate the 12th birthday of his son Matías, who belongs to the basic forces of the celestial, even several of his colleagues attended said meeting.

Just over two hours after the match between Tijuana and Cruz Azul began, La Máquina announced on its social networks the call for Raúl Gutiérrez for the first duel of the Closing 2023in which the absence of the ‘Tasting’ Domingueza measure that, according to León Lecanda, an ESPN reporter, took the celestial directive before the weapons-themed children’s party.

The images of the meeting began to circulate on social networks on Friday night, in which children with weapons were seen, even some of them, the teammates of Matías, son of “Cata”, were dressed in clothing sports of Blue Cross.

Given the criticism that the ‘tasting’ received through social networks, the central defender of Blue Cross issued a press release Saturday night in which he apologized for the party he threw for his son.

“To public opinion: Through this medium, I offer a sincere apology for the images disseminated on my social networks in relation to a children’s party. I recognize that these do not contribute to creating a better impression of Mexico and that neither I nor my family promote or justify any type of violence. We are people who promote sport in the new generations, in addition to the values ​​and principles of an exemplary institution, such as the Cruz Azul Soccer Club”, Said the text of the sky-blue defender.

The party was also attended by players from the first team of Blue Cross. In a photo that circulated on social networks, they can be seen, in addition to the ‘Tasting’ DominguezAlonso Escoboza, Erik Lira, Carlos Rodríguez, Rodolfo Rotondi, Iván Morales, as well as youth squad player Jorge García.

Disciplinary Commission will open investigation against ‘Cata’

This Monday the Disciplinary Commission will open an investigation folder against Julio Cesar Dominguez for going against the Code of Ethics of the Mexican Soccer Federation.

“The Disciplinary Commission is going to open an ex officio investigation folder against Domínguez this Monday for a possible sanction for violation of the code of ethics of the Mexican Soccer Federation, a sanction that would support Liga MX one hundred percent,” León reported. Lecanda, ESPN reporter.

The investigation takes place after the theme of the party that he celebrated his son on Friday night, at which time videos and photos of the meeting began to circulate, where children with weapons were observed, some of them even wearing sportswear. of Blue Crossbecause Matías’s partner also attended, who recently joined the basic forces of the Machine.

Besides of ‘Tasting’ Dominguezwho on Saturday night apologized for the theme of the party, there were other elements of the first team of Blue Crossas in the case of Alonso Escoboza, Erik Lira, Carlos Rodríguez, Rodolfo Rotondi, Iván Morales, as well as youth squad player Jorge García.

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