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They say we all need go to therapy in this life and that’s what David Faitelson asks to do with Cata Domínguezthe Cruz Azul soccer player who had the unfortunate idea of ​​making him a themed birthday party to his minor son with allusions to hitmen and drug traffickinga subject for which the player was not included in the call for the debut in the Clausura 2023.

The ESPN communicator, who had previously pointed out that the reprehensible idea of ​​Julio César Domínguez obeyed “lack of education”, now he invited Cruz Azul pays the psychological help for Cata and his entire family so that they “better” as human beings, leaving aside their famous profession on the courts.

What did Faitelson say about the Cata party?

Always with something to say on social media, Faitelson wrote on Twitter that “The problem is not the footballer, but the person and society” in which we live, which has adopted violence and drug trafficking as part of everyday life in Mexico, recalling the recent events after the arrest of Ovidio Guzmán López in Culiacán, son of the famous drug trafficker Joaquín “Chapo” Guzmán.

“The most conducive thing would be for Cruz Azul to offer Catita Domínguez and her family professional psychological help”published the host of Futbol Picante, who is usually told about everything on social networks for not agreeing with his points of view, but this time he found a lot of support in his proposal.

What did Cata Dominguez do?

Over the weekend, the defender of the Machine published on social networks some images of the son’s 12th birthdaya gathering that had as themed drug cartels. In the photographs we see several minors carrying toy weaponscaps with the initials “JGL” of the drug trafficker and the phrase “Chapiza”.

This is what many communicators and fans in general criticized about the professional soccer player, who even asked for his departure from Cruz Azul. Cata issued a statement to apologize, arguing that he has always “promoted sport and not vices.”

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