“Cata Domínguez should have been supported by the coach and the team”

Isaac Mizrahi, the coach who debuted Julio César Domínguez at Cruz Azul, accepts that the defender made a mistake, but Raúl Gutiérrez and his teammates had to come out to support him

MEXICO — isaac mizrahiformer coach of Blue Cross and who debuted Julio Cesar ‘Cata’ Dominguez in the Primera División in 2006, stated that the player should be supported by the coach Raul Gutierrez and by his directive from the beginning, after the unfortunate events that led to harsh criticism of the sky-blue defender.

isaac mizrahi He currently has his residence in Florida, United States, where he has lived a new life with his family for several years.

“I perfectly understand what is lived in Mexico in the day to day and well, it was something a little further”, he said in reference to the situation that he starred in Julio Cesar Dominguezwho organized a children’s party for one of his children with a war theme.

He continued: “Each coach has his personality and Raúl (Gutiérrez), for sure, as a coach I don’t know his personality, but I would also be of the same idea, that the club and the coach had only come out to support him.”

“In other words, you cannot support something that is badly done, but yes, support it, because after all, you know that the ‘tasting’ He is a great human being and he was wrong. That’s all”.

recognized mizrahi: “It is a very delicate subject, the ‘tasting’ He already recognized his mistake and obviously, it’s not that you’re going to applaud him, but a mistake is made by any human being”.

Cata, a shy boy

isaac mizrahi remembered how he met Julio Cesar Dominguez and why he debuted it.

“I was already following him, he played in the Second Division. He always showed qualities, leadership, trade, which is sometimes difficult to find in young people.”

“The ‘tasting’ he had a lot of trade and it was in Monterey, in a preliminary that played his category, where he ended up captivating me footballingly. And from there I already raised him to the first team; the ‘Tasting’ was 17 years old.

He added: “She left working with him, as well as several young people. The ‘tasting’ he was always a very disciplined boy, very obedient; At the time I put a great teacher in the concentrations, which was Héctor López. ‘tasting’ He captured it very well, he absorbed all that experience and it was something that always drew my attention to him.”

mizrahi defined the ‘tasting’ as “a shy boy”, in addition to stating that at that time, Dominguez lived in the clubhouse Blue Cross.

“On a trip to Chiapas, I had the opportunity to meet his family: good people… Regardless of how great a footballer he has been, as far as I have always seen, he ‘tasting’ They’re good people.”

He left Mexico due to insecurity

Secondly, isaac mizrahi He recognized that the reasons for which he decided to reside far from Mexico was due to the insecurity that exists in the Aztec nation.

“I left because of insecurity. When the famous ‘that’ kidnapping (of Rubén Omar Romano, in 2005) happened. Obviously, you knew about my business in Mexico; I was the target of calls, threats, and well, there came a time when I panicked a little and decided to leave, live outside of Mexico.”

He said: “Today I live in Florida, where I have my business. In addition, I am an adviser to two MLS teams and two youth teams. I constantly travel to Europe, I have many friends with soccer people. I live here with my children and I’m fine, at peace. You can go out into the street calmly and you can be sure that they will return.”

He affirmed that between 2014 and 2017 he had some offers from Mexican soccer, “but it was already very complicated. Above all is the safety and tranquility of my children; they are already making their lives here, so it is already very difficult for me return to the country.”

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