Catania, crowds and madness at the shopping center for the opening of Primark: long queues and controversy

Crowd and madness at the business park Sicily Center of Catania Misterbianco for the opening in the gallery of the Primark store, an Irish brand specializing in the sale of low cost clothing. Today the inauguration of the new store was scheduled and, as was to be expected, long queues were formed to enter and go shopping. An incredible crowd flocked to the shopping center where the employees worked hard to keep at bay the customers who certainly could not keep the distance recommended by the anti-Covid measures and who lined up with masks but still stuck to the one to the other. The entrances to the shop were limited and tickets were set up to put order, the people who rushed were really great. The images have made the rounds of social networks and there is no lack of controversy from users for the scenes that have been witnessed in a city (Catania in fact), which has had a record of Covid infections in Sicily for some time. And also for the absence of controls on the green pass in a situation of incredible crowding, when then maybe you have to show off to sit down in a restaurant.

The new Primark store it covers over 4,280 square meters of commercial space and has created 150 new employment opportunities, thus providing a strong boost to the local economy.

In addition, this new store in Catania brings the total of Primark stores worldwide to 400. The first store of the chain opened in 1969 in Dublin, Ireland, but Primark has established itself over the years to become an international retailer and a famous brand all over the world, reaching today 400 stores located in 14 countries.

Luca Ciuffreda, Head of Sales of Primark Italy, said: “We are therefore looking forward to welcoming our new customers to this store where they can buy the latest seasonal trends, gift items for the holiday season and the ever-widening range. of products made with sustainable, recycled and organic materials part of the “Primark Cares” line, all at the best price-quality ratio ».

As for the items for sale, the Primark chain of stores gives space to a little bit of everything, from clothes to beauty products, up to furniture. The Catania store also sells travel accessories, gift items, tech products and stationery.

For the occasion, Primark involved the illustrator and cartoonist Giulia Conoscenti to decorate the store with elements that recall Sicilian traditions: “It is the genius loci, the spirit of the places, which inspired the image for the opening of the new Primark store in Catania . I tried to combine some elements that I consider important for a Sicilian, but even more so for a Catanese: first of all its volcano, Etna, the stacks of Aci Trezza and what unites all the inhabitants of an island, look at the stars while listening to the sound of the sea. Primark and Catania meet for the first time under the petals of a hibiscus on the slopes of Etna ».

Although the scenes seen in the commercial gallery make us think of non-compliance with anti-Covid rules, Primark is keen to specify in a note that new safety measures are implemented within the new store in Catania with the aim of safeguarding the health and well-being of employees and customers, including a rigorous protocol of social distancing, perspex screens in the checkout area and an intensification of the cleaning and disinfection operations of the point of sale.


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