Cate Blanchett on Twitter purchase by Elon Musk: “It’s dangerous”

This Monday, April 25, the programmer and entrepreneur co-founder of SpaceX, PayPal, Neurolink and much more, added another great company to his collection. This because he managed close the deal to acquire Twitter with a billion dollar offer. Given this, various figures have reacted to the possible changes in this application and one of them is the actress who participated in the film Don’t Look Up, Cate Blanchett.

What did Cate Blanchett say about Elon Musk?

This Monday the actress spoke with the media Variety on the occasion of the gala Chaplin Award which was made in New York. When asked for her opinion regarding the purchase of Twitter by businessman and billionaire Elon Musk, Cate Blanchett replied: “It is dangerous. That’s all I have to say. It’s very, very dangerous.”

The actress was part of the cast of the film Don’t Look Up, which included the participation of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Mark Rylance and other movie stars.

The film stood out for being a political dark comedy which represents a very possible situation in our current society. In that sense, the film deals with issues such as climate change and misinformation in the media.

Besides, one of the characters in the fictional story shows a billionaire owner of technology companies, who is getting closer to Elon Musk after his purchase of the social network for $ 44 billion dollars.

The eccentric character Peter Isherwell was partially based on Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs. In the film, a comet that could end all life on Earth ends up being a political object that Isherwell takes advantage of turning into a business.

“I think the future is often imagined in the mind of the artist,” Blanchett told Variety. “Adam wrote this well and truly pre-pandemic. It was really interesting how much meaning the audience can give to a work.”

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