Cate Blanchett Wears the Fall 2022 Trending Haircut That Rejuvenates Mature Women

Perhaps women from 40 or 50 years of age will pay special attention, but the reality is that the bob haircut It is one of the essentials for those looking for a youthful and fresh look. Cate Blanchett is one of the most interesting examples of this timeless and versatile haircut, but we have also seen it on other movie stars like Kristen Stewart.

The actress, who is promoting her film Tar at the Venice Film Festival, has stood out for her elegance on the red carpet and in all the public events that surround this date with the cinema.

What is bob haircut?

The truth is that the bob haircut is, simplifying, a short hair They have endless possibilities. So many that he has created a wide variety of bob haircuts around himself, ranging from the classic bob to the long bob (longer or midi hair), asymmetrical bob, Italian bob, French bob, inverted bob, jagged bob… Yes. you get lost with so much concept, the ideal is that you catch up with this guide that will clarify all your doubts about it.

Cate Blanchett’s bob cut is classic and has a length that reaches more or less to the height of the chin. In her case it is a straight cut, with very subtle layers and that achieves movement with a long fringe to frame the face of the actress.

For both the red carpet and her arrival at the festival, Cate chose to wear the free hair. This is how the cut looks with side parting and soft waves. A super natural hairstyle that was gathered behind one of the ears for the rest to be worn loose, covering part of the face with style.

Why does everyone like and look good on the bob cut?

The answer as to why she likes it is given by the actress herself. In other promotional events in Venice we have seen her completely changing her look, which shows the versatility of the bob cut. If it were a more risky cut (shorter), it could not be done up.

This hairstyle is a collected low very elegant that clears the face of the actress to fit perfectly with the covered neck look that she has opted for.

It is one of the most requested haircuts in hairdressers because it does not excessively compromise the image of the wearer. Is a manageable, low-maintenance bob that can be worn with or without bangs, with more or less layers and with any type of hair. Bet on him those with fine hair, those with straight hair, those with a lot of volume and also those with curly hair.

All the possibilities offered by the bob cut, together with its multiple versions (more or less short, following the trend of layers, asymmetries, etc), allow you to adapt it to your type of face and goals with the haircut. And yes, it always achieves a rejuvenating air that extra long hair does not provide to the same extent.

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