Regenerative medicine, the future of aesthetic treatments

What exactly is regenerative medicine in aesthetic medicine? We call regenerative medicine the set of treatments or therapies that use biological material, that is, the person’s own cells and tissues to repair or cure certain diseases. Within aesthetic medicine we would treat the skin and subcutaneous tissue, making it the body itself that repairs, regenerates … Read more

Trump vows to punish doctors and hospitals that provide gender reassignment care

Former President Donald Trump arrives for a conference at Mar-a-Lago on Election Day, November 8, 2022, in Palm Beach, Florida. “Mr. Trump is a prolific and sophisticated litigator who repeatedly uses the courts to exact revenge on political opponents,” said US District Judge Donald Middlebrooks. Andrew Harnik PA MADRID El ex presidente de Estados Unidos … Read more

What to read: We talked to the authors of the book “Contemporary Oral Medicine”

«The fact that dental doctors are disappearing from the teaching of Oral Medicine constitutes a real challenge to keep this discipline alive». This is stated in this interview by the authors of the book «Contemporary Oral Medicine: Eduardo Chimenos Küstner, tenured professor of Oral Medicine at the University of Barcelona (recently retired) and José López … Read more

Psychological capital: What it is and how to promote it – Health and Well-being

Workers with high levels of psychological capital cope better with difficult tasks because they perceive them as challenging or challenging. What consequences does this vital perspective have? In this article we tell you! Psychological capital refers to a series of personality variables that are related to job well-being. Workers with high scores on these variables … Read more

In praise of the bland: an antidote to a world loaded with stimuli | EL PAÍS Weekly: Psychology and well-being

The way we see, hear, taste, touch and smell will never be the same again. “We are experiencing a sensory revolution,” Mark Smith, a sensory history specialist at the University of South Carolina, tells me, “all the senses have been affected by the pandemic, not because they have changed, but because the context and environment … Read more

Barcelona brings together nearly 800 city resources on a digital map to improve health and well-being • ESMARTCITY

The Barcelona City Council Health Department has grouped all the activities and resources in the city to improve people’s health, well-being and care on a single digital map. Currently, this tool called Cerca Salut incorporates some 800 assets and is constantly updated. Cerca Salut shows some 800 assets in Barcelona to improve people’s health, well-being … Read more