Massimo Vanni, king of stuntmen, reveals the tricks of Brad Pitt in F1, Tom Cruise on a motorcycle and pays tribute to Giacomo Agostini… – MOW

land asbestos suits? When I had to catch fire in a scene, I was wearing a wet wool sweater underneath. Over the shirt, an asbestos suit, which today would be absolutely prohibited for health reasons. Finally, on top of the costume, at least one size larger, the stage costumes. Then once we were ready…Engine, action … Read more

Fly to Bordeaux for 30.32 euros to/from Barcelona for 31.88 euros? Book them now with this trick that saves on planes around the world

Airport-Photo by imagoeconomica Savings in families is essential. Which does not mean giving up traveling. You just need to know how to get around and you will have the opportunity, in three months, to reach the main European and world destinations with just a few euros. This is how you should do it. The holidays … Read more