Catherine Spaak, bleeding and the story of the disease: “Never be ashamed”

“I want people to get a message: if we are sick we must not be ashamed”. So Catherine Spaak, who died in these hours at the age of 77, spoke in September two years ago on TV at the end of a long rehabilitation process following a cerebral hemorrhage. “A lot of people who have health problems tend to hide it – she told her about the disease a Italian stories, guest of the Rai Uno program hosted by Eleonora Daniele – Six months ago I had a cerebral hemorrhage and, subsequently, epileptic seizures due to the scar “.

“I lost my sight and the ability to walk, they told me I would not get to the next day”

“I didn’t come here just to talk about my film,” Spaak immediately clarified at the time, who would soon return to the cinema with the film. The holiday. His goal was another. It was making an appeal to the public. An appeal that remains alive even today that the actress has disappeared: “I want people to get a message: if we are sick we must not be ashamed”. Words that came at the end of a path faced with determination by the Belgian actress: concurrently with the hemorrhage, in fact, Catherine lost her sight and the ability to walk. On the night of the bleeding, the doctors told her that “I probably wouldn’t arrive at dawn the next day.”

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“A hemorrhage does not please anyone – he continued – but today here with a smile, with the ability to reason and speak, but also to rebel. I have not lost my determination and my courage. I tell everyone that we go after you”. A story that, shortly thereafter, continued during the program “I Lunatici”, broadcast on Rai RadioDue, in which the message was the same, so much so that he defined the disease “a test to be faced with courage but also serenity”

“Doctors were angels”

Forced to a long hospitalization, her heartfelt thanks went to the health personnel who had supported and treated her. “Doctors and nurses were angels, they made me reborn, smile again at life and at the world,” she said.

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