Caudano, the joy for Gasp and Atalanta’s 4-0 against Venice. And a sad memory: a father in the hospital and a bad knockout


a perfect evening. The perfect sequence, indeed. Victory in Turin with Juventus, after so many years, has never really happened in discussion against Venezia. Then, at the end, the news of the renewal of his Gasperini, with the coach’s press conference not so much referring to the match that has just ended, but looking towards tomorrow and the day after, amidst clarity of ideas and strategies. Professor Caudano would like to abandon himself to joy, as it rarely happens to him. And it does. It’s a perfect evening. Of the little perfection that a man like him can afford. Atalanta is proceeding very well. It is wonderful that Gasperini has reassembled the toy (moreover by inserting a precious gear such as Koopmeiners), that once again the fears of the beginning of the season are diminishing, that the wrong of the cassandras that at every difficult start they see the environment in crisis, the cycle at the end, Gasp at the end credits, the tenth place around the corner. It is not yet December and Atalanta are running: they oscillate between the third and fourth step of the standings and have started scoring a lot. His football, at times very good, was not affected too much by the numerous absences. And the architect of all this will remain in Bergamo.

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