Cazzaniga cheated by his fake girlfriend, Montali and his companions: “We tried to talk to him” –

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Roberto Cazzaniga gave 700 thousand euros to a fake girlfriend he only met by phone. Gavazzi, his ds in Cremao: «Once he left my cell phone in training:“ Soon Maya will be operating on the heart ”, he believed». Montali: “A victim who deserves respect”

«From one to ten as surprised at what happened to Roberto Cazzaniga: zero, because after having had him in Milan at the then Asystel Volleyball, I found him in Crema in Serie A2. And in that period that it all began … ».

Alberto Gavazzi spent 25 years in volleyball, first as a player and then as a manager, also arriving in the national team. The guy who was cheated by a non-existent Brazilian girlfriend, with the help of accomplices, he knows very well. And he talks about it with affection: «He is the classic simple and humble person, all about the gym, volleyball and home. One, among other things, who has always been an ant in life, spending little or nothing for himself. An introverted man, but sensitive ». It’s the same idea as Paolo Cozzi, his former partner in Milan (“I can say that on the volleyball level we grew up together since youth, I’ve known him since he was a kid”) who now has only harsh words for those who treated him that way (“They hurt a fragile person” , andi Gianpaolo Montali, the coach who threw him in an Asystel that would go as far as a championship final: «His powerful and precise jump serve was a tactical weapon that allowed us to resolve quite a few matches. Roberto is a generous (ed, also in a concrete sense, once he came to give cell phones to all his teammates), one who trained even when he was injured. They hurt a good boy slipping it into an absurd story with surreal features, since one question cannot escape: how is it possible to be engaged over the air, without ever seeing the person you say you are connected to? “.

Yeah, how is that possible? But this belongs to the mystery of the Cazzaniga man, the player (opposite role) who once called itself “Virus” (but then the nickname abandoned him and only the other nickname remained, “Cazz”) either because the broadsides he pulled were like an “alien” penetrating the opponent’s defenses, or because you stay away from viruses. And to him, all in all, despite the social dynamics of a group and a team, he didn’t mind staying on his own even if it was certainly not a block thanks to the pleasant and nice forays of the mother, who often left from Villasanta (in Brianza) with pots of pizzoccheri to be consumed in the dressing room.

In the years of Crema, we said, he appears in his Mayan life
and Gavazzi summarizes the plot and some background of the story. «Roberto used to go around with this Emanuela whom we all thought was his girlfriend. But soon Maya came out, and it appeared to us that she lived in Tuscany at that time: he only heard her on the phone, even several times a day, without ever meeting her. But he was equally happy, so he said. The problem is that when he tried to know more about the relationship, perhaps even with the classic locker room jokes, he would stiffen.: at a certain point we preferred to let it go, even though it was evident that many things did not add up. I also made an attempt together with Paolo Bongiorno, the general manager: nothing to do; Roberto was in his world and in his beliefs. So I was struck by his shocked face when Emanuela tried to claim that she did not know him: I think that a bulwark fell in Cazzaniga and that at that moment she understood everything. It must have been terrible for him. ‘

Passion also involved particular situations, even extreme ones. “One day before training Roberto gave me his cell phone and asked me to keep an eye on it: “Maya will soon be operating on the heart, they could call me from the hospital. He really believed everything… ». After an injury, remedied in one of his experiences (not of the highest profile) with the national team, Gavazzi stayed close to him and helped him during his rehabilitation: “When he recovered he brought me two expensive bottles of Cristal champagne:” Maya, ”he said. I pointed out that one might be enough, but he disagreed. I then added that we would drink one with her, with her girlfriend. He replied with conviction: “No, but she thanks you for the thought.” The answer surprised me, on the other hand it was another indication of what we had begun to suspect. How did he spend so much? I said it: Cazzaniga is someone with a frugal life, he didn’t spend money on dressing up and taking off whims; after a Punto, for example, he drove a Tipo … And he is still a player who managed to have good contracts. He saved everything and now that money has been stolen from him ».

Paolo Cozzi – who hasn’t seen Roberto for years – He also emphasizes the human component of the story and on an aspect not yet considered: “I’ll throw it there: what if he realized at a certain point but couldn’t free himself from those chains because he was blackmailed? Anyway, took advantage of its fragility: this is even more shameful than the repeated scam and the money they stole from him. Who helped him to get out of these 15 years of darkness was great ». Montali’s reading goes further: «The fact that Cazzaniga traveled around Italy to play volleyball, for him the North Star, probably means that he was attacked by loneliness. Paradoxically, these people who surrounded him, mediating the relationship with Maya, gave him a sort of security: it may be that he understood, except not having the strength to react ». The moral is therefore simple, in the sadness of the story: “Roberto is a victim to be respected, not to be pitied or ridiculed: this is a story that could also happen to others because there are the weaknesses of the human being and the traps of existence at the center of it ».

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