Cazzaniga, the volleyball player deceived by a “fake” girlfriend for 15 years-

from Salvatore Riggio

The player duped by a friend and her partner who pretended to be an intermediary with an elusive Brazilian model, whom he has never seen and who uses Alessandra Ambrosio’s photos. The Hyenas service convinces him to report

Cheated for 15 years. It’s the bad, very bad story of Roberto Cazzaniga told by the Mediaset program, broadcast on Tuesday 23 November, of “Le Iene”.

Cazzaniga, opposite of volleyball, has played for many years between Superlega and A2 as well as wearing the national team shirt with which he won gold at the 2009 Mediterranean Games and today plays in Serie B in Gioia del Colle, in Puglia. . The scam he has suffered in these 15 years is something surreal.

It all starts in 2008. When the volleyball player, born in Milan in 1979, meets a girl named online Maya, alleged Brazilian model who shows up on social media with photos of the famous Alessandra Ambrosio (which has 10 million followers). But he never meets her and the only link with her is a mutual friend named Manuela. The latter in the report of “Le Iene” denied knowing him and fled several times by dribbling the correspondent of the Mediaset broadcast.

A story that seemed like one tale, but that actually turned out to be a full-blown scam. Cazzaniga was helped a lot by his friends, his teammates, his coach and his family. What they told to “Le Iene” the whole affair.

Basically, Cazzaniga believed he was engaged to this Maya and did not skimp on help when the girl – who claimed to live in Cagliari – asked for money for alleged health problems. The wire transfers followed, however, against a third woman, Valeria, who said she was very close to the alleged Maya. In 15 years Cazzaniga has lost 700 thousand euros, coming to drain the current account and getting into debt with continuous requests for loans. And your friend Manuela? Roberto was generous with her too, giving her as a gift a red Alfa Romeo Mito.

In the end the player, pushed by his teammates and his family, decided to tell his story and aided by the broadcast filed a complaint with the Guardia di Finanza. “The Hyenas” have tracked down the third woman in Cagliari, Valeria, who first ran away and then admitted to being part of the scam, but not having committed it alone.

So – according to the report of «Le Iene» – behind this scam there are also Cazzaniga’s friend, Manuela, and her boyfriend. “Now it’s like I woke up from a coma and lost 15 years of my life,” he said Cazzaniga.

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