Cazzu breaks the silence and speaks for the first time about his relationship with Christian Nodal

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Christian Nodal since he broke up with Belinda he has been romantically involved with many women, the most recent being the Argentine singer, Cazzu, with whom he was seen walking hand in hand on a trip through Guatemala and he even traveled with her to Spain to accompany her in one of her concerts.

In this regard, the 28-year-old rapper broke the silence and in an interview with Jessie Cervantes for her Exa FM radio show, she spoke about her love situation, making it clear that it is only a strong friendship that binds her to the interpreter of “Adiós love”.

At the interview, Cazzu recalled the time Christian Nodal asked him to accompany him on stage in one of the concerts he offered at the San Isidro Metepec Fair in the State of Mexico, where together they performed the song “If you are missing someone.”

Cazzu talked about his relationship with Christian Nodal
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“I had a great time. It was a surprise, I hadn’t planned it, I just went to see the show and, well, it suddenly came up to sing together and, in truth, we sang my favorite song. I really like your music“, he pointed.

At the insistence of the driver to know his love situation, after being seen holding hands with the Mexican singer, Cazzu denied having an affair Well, now she is only focused on her professional projects.

Cazzu and Christian Nodal shared the stage
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I like to write about it (love and lack of love), live it I don’t know if so much, but write it yes. Apart from everything we always work on, better not (fall in love)“, he replied between laughs.

Cazzu is currently promoting his latest album entitled “Nena Trap” and for days he has not been seen near Christian Nodal, who is also focused on his professional commitments.

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