Cdp: 128 billion investment plan by 2024 to contribute to Italy’s growth

Four axes to further push its action (climate change, sustainable growth, rethinking of production chains and digitalisation) and 65 billion of resources mobilized between now and 2024 (+ 5% on the previous period) in order to mobilize 128 billion of investments in support of the country system, also thanks to the assistance of other private investors or territorial institutions equal to 63 billion. These are the main axes of the new strategic plan of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti presented Thursday 25 November by the President Giovanni Gorno Tempini and by the CEO Dario Scannapieco.

The Cassa is therefore ready to provide the usual and robust contribution to the country, also in light of the new challenges set by the NRP (on which, it must be remembered, the group has assets of 3.3 billion euros of projects which it is implementing. ), and it will do so starting from a precise refinement of the instruments that CDP has historically put on the track and of the new toolbox that emerged more recently. Translated: radar aimed primarily at the delays to be bridged and international best practices to adopt even more performing financing and investment policies, while always keeping straight, as the CEO Scannapieco recently reiterated, the bar of selectivity in the approach.

Then the strengthening of the advisory role and the management of public, national and European funds, which, we can bet, will undoubtedly prove to be of great help in grounding the Recovery Plan funds at a territorial level. And again, as mentioned, the offer of financial products for companies and public administrations, with a view to the role of CDP as a promotion and development institute and always looking at the necessary additionality with respect to the instruments already in circulation. All this, the group reiterates, with an eye always attentive to the ESG sustainability criteria, but also to inclusion and gender equality. maintain a stable and long-term investor role on the first front, however putting on track interventions of purpose where the commitment is aimed at the growth or stabilization of companies in key sectors. Therefore, exit or capital rotation strategies cannot be ruled out. In short, the CDP seems determined to close ranks on the most strategic assets and to evaluate a possible policy of lightening the less significant shareholdings or in any case not functional to its mission.

Finally, real estate. Here the management put in black and white in the plan looks above all to social, senior and student housing in line with the banking foundations, its shareholders, and with particular attention to the South.

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