Cecilia Suarez on gender violence: What is there to hate about us?

The call to fight for gender equality and the elimination of all forms of violence against women was heard at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, when Mexican actress and Spotlight Initiative activist Cecilia Suárez intervened in one of the sessions held. The eve of the Sustainable Development Goals summit.

enough already. not one more

For your interest, we are reproducing his entire intervention here:

“Our eyes are unable to utter a single word when we see the recorded statistics of attacks, abuse, rape and deaths against women across the world. Because they are so forceful, it seems they want to murder our words. Unable to express themselves in the face of pain, fear and blindness, which not only continues, but is increasing.”

We remain hoarse, unable to find a verb or a noun so as not to scream, to transform anger and pain into an offering that is persuasive and reassuring. The irony is that we have always had no choice but to use words that turn into ideas the blind, broken and shattered lives of millions of women and girls.

Listen please: 87,000 people were deliberately killed in 2017. 50,000 of those were by intimate partners, romantic partners or their own family members.

So, we ask again, what is there to hate about us? Presented? the rebels? the questions? Orgasm? resistance? Who do we hate? To mother? to a friend? Sister? To the wife? To the lover? Or just any woman? Why are we hated?

hate is not an option

If we win, like the Spanish football players who recently became world champions, they hate us. If we fail, they hate us too. It seems to condemn us to a dark end, because nothing can quench that lingering anger, that deep hatred towards women and everything they represent.

But let everyone know: Hate is not an option for us., beyond any doubt, Women around the world have achieved achievements through perseverance, conviction and especially love and commitment to life, peace, respect and understanding of self and others. We have found all the ways, have opened all the communication channels, have opened all the ways to demand, demand, create.

Institutional efforts are making these consequences visible, but the future remains fragileBecause it depends on the conviction of those in whose hands lies the necessary and immediate continuation of this initiative.

Our body is only ours

That’s why Words remain our most powerful allies, allowing us to open our minds., expose realities, express your proposals, share ways. These are words that allow us to consider that education is an essential place in the effort to change the ideas and attitudes that enslave us all. Because pain and heartbreak is felt not only by the victims but also by the attackers.

A public and private education that, like a dam, prevents new generations of adolescents and young people from considering that gender violence does not exist and that women’s bodies and lives exist for the satisfaction of those who want to use them. Want to objectify them and discard them. Them. It suffices to review the historical effort we have made with the simple belief that our body is ours alone.

I dare to contemplate that the day will come when the words themselves will be transformed and compressed, while the women of the world utter an indestructible scream that envelops the known universe enough already. not one more,

From left to right, Sinead Bovell, Cecilia Suarez, Ashley Judd, Natalie Portman, Yemi Alade and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, moderators and panelists of the Spotlight Initiative – Sustainable Development Goals Action Weekend 2023 session.

© UN Women/Ryan Brown

From left to right, Sinead Bovell, Cecilia Suarez, Ashley Judd, Natalie Portman, Yemi Alade and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, moderators and panelists of the Spotlight Initiative – Sustainable Development Goals Action Weekend 2023 session.

the fight continues

Cecilia Suarez pointed out this while talking to UN News It is hoped that gender equality will be present during the General Assembly In all conversations. “The agenda cannot be taken forward without this issue, because it concerns half the population.” When the actress was asked to send a message to all women in Latin America, she replied: “The fight continues.”

In addition to Suárez’s intervention, the session also included UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Statements from Mohammed and included the participation of EU leaders, actress, filmmaker and philanthropist Natalie Portman, actress and goodwill ambassador. Population Fund (UNFPA) Ashley Judd, as well as civil society and private sector leaders.

spotlight initiative It is a global initiative of the United Nations in collaboration with the European Union and other partners. Its goal is to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls.

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