“Celebration”: Madonna goes out to revalidate the throne with a new world tour

A vampiric Madonna, with braids and leather, stars in the video with which she announced her new world tour

-Do you think people would come to the shows? Okay. The answer is “fuck yes”.

Thus, at a table surrounded by mega-famous friends, from Amy Schumer to Jack Black and Judd Apataw, Madonna made the decision to embark on what will be her twelfth world tour, at the age of 64, to review 40 years of success, a tour that will be called “Celebration” and that has already driven millions of fans around the world crazy.

Followers who have been combing gray hair for years and who, surely, are the fathers and mothers of those children who today celebrate current pop phenomena, from Taylor Swift to Miley Cyrus, passing through Lana del Rey and Dua Lipa: there are plenty.

But Madonna, always irreverent and always controversial, resists on the throne of pop and like the true queen that she is, she will go out to celebrate her musical history live and, surely, it will be a success.

Her Instagram account, where she is followed by nearly 19 million people, took on a new look for the ad. Two posters, which include different and iconic images, announce: “Madonna. four decades. The Celebration Tour”. And in the middle, a black and white video that sometimes gains color, brought THE novelty.

Combed with braids, dressed in a jacket, a tight corset and leather shorts with fishnet stockings, extremely long and pointed nails, the singer shows off a relaxed face that contrasts with the vampiric look with which she recently reinvented herself in the one that one accessory (or several, actually) attracts attention: the gold caps that she wears on her teeth and are already a registered trademark.

Amused, Madonna leads a black and white spot in which she is seen playing a kind of “Truth or Consequence” somewhat spicy, with sexual statements. Her first participant is Schumer, star of the American comedy, to whom the artist proposes to reveal the size of her husband’s anus by comparing it to one of the pretzels on her table. Everyone laughs, and then it’s the singer’s turn, who chooses a consequence, and to which the humorist proposes: “I dare you to go on a world tour and play all your mother fuckers hits.” And there Madonna, at first hesitant (“Of the four decades? All those songs? That’s a lot of songs), makes the decision:

-Okay. The answer is “fuck yes”.

The rumor about a possible new world tour had emerged in recent weeks, although it was only confirmed a few days ago. Announced dates include North America and Europe with shows beginning mid-year. Tickets have already gone on sale and, yesterday, a date was added in Barcelona, ​​the first city to sell out in record time, demonstrating that “rags are old”, millennials. In the last few hours there were several who questioned Madonna about her new tour. One of the toughest was the British journalist and presenter, Piers Morgan, who said: “I think Madonna has become the most shameful fiasco in world entertainment. She should be put out to pasture instead of trying to be a sex kitten when you’re 60.” Ah, yes: “go there, fool”, Leo would tell him.

The singer, who this week stars on the cover of the Italian, Spanish and French editions of “Vanity Fair”, in which she can be seen dressed as the Virgin Mary, was excited about this new adventure. “I’m excited to explore as many songs as possible in hopes of giving my fans the show they’ve been waiting for,” she said in a statement that she announced to the official announcement video.

“Madonna: The Celebration Tour,” backed by Live Nation, will tour 35 cities beginning July 15 beginning at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada. Then it will continue through Detroit, Chicago, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta and Boston, among other cities. That stretch will end on October 7 in Las Vegas.

“The Material Girl” will then cross the Atlantic for 11 shows in London, Barcelona, ​​Paris, Berlin, Milan and Stockholm, among other cities, ending in Amsterdam on December 1.

Madonna will tour 35 cities between North America and Europe from July 15

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