Celebrities celebrate Wendy Guevara’s victory

71 weeks later, Wendy Guevara wins

Wendy Guevara’s personality led her to success. And many Mexican celebrities recognized his victory.

Wendy Guevara was crowned the grand winner of ‘La Casa de los Famousos’., reality show that brought together over 13 celebrities who locked themselves in a house for 71 days. The winner not only went home with the prize 4 million pesos And also became the identity of many celebrities First trans woman to win a national television competition.

Celebrities that Wendy beat

Over the course of 9 weekends, 9 elimination festivals were held, including Celebrities who did not get public support were expelled,

They were famous sweepers:

  1. Marie Claire Harp.
  2. Sophia Rivera Torres.
  3. Maria Fernanda Queiroz ‘Farka’.
  4. Raquel Bigora.
  5. Paul Stanley.
  6. Barbara Torres.
  7. Celery Quizno.
  8. George Losa.
  9. ‘La Barbie’ Juarez.

In the last week, production announced that before the final ceremony, one more cast member would have to leave. On Friday, 11 August, Emilio Osorio was expelled.


In the end, actor Nicola Porcella, singer and politician Sergio Mayer, Poncho de Nigris and Wendy Guevara were the finalists, who faced the public vote.

This Sunday, August 13, after a few hours of grumbling, the winner was announced.

Meyer finished fourth, De Nigris third and Porcella second.

Celebrities celebrate Wendy Guevara’s victory

Wendy’s victory is recognized by her teammates from Team Hell.

My winner Wendy!” published by Apio Quijano.

Paul Stanley posted several stories showing his enthusiasm.

Celebrities such as Carla Díaz, Mariana Ochoa, Tatiana and Consuelo Duval also congratulated her.

Even Emilio Marcos’s sister dedicated a message to him: “You made history,” wrote Romina Marcos.

Danna Paola used her Instagram stories to remind Wendy that she always deserves to smile, because “Changed the history of Mexican television, in a country where transphobia, homophobia, transfeminicide happen every day,

Gloria Trevi even sent her a video, in which you can hear: “My Wendy, precious, congratulations. Your success means a step forward in this fight for equality, acceptance and respect., which I feel I am also a part of. Many people are very proud of you, very happy. Congratulations to all who supported and helped to open the mind and heart more.

Isabella Camil also mentioned historical recognition. Sergio Mayer’s wife shared on Instagram a message she shared with a follower of Wendy’s. A fan wrote: “This reality show is a before and after show on television in our country. It is the first program to feature a transsexual woman. Let’s really hope they honor and respect that, because if it does, it will be a project with a message.”

To which Isabella replied: “That’s right. first time. He has a good chance of winning.”

Wendy Guevara is celebrated at El Angel

Thank you to the public who voted for him this Sunday, 13 August. The trans community in Mexico was represented through Wendy, Not only did the celebration take place on social networks, with the LGBT public applauding their achievement, but people walked to various points in CDMX to be part of the party.

As Emilio Marcos pointed out in an Instagram story, Televisa forums were booming. He explained that his car could not move because there was a “sea of ​​people” and mentioned that he tried to get out for over 20 minutes. “The people are wonderful,” he said.

Supporters of Wendy Guevara took away the flags of their community They moved to Ángel de la Independencia in CDMX to celebrate.

The public also gathered in Mexico City’s Zona Rosa to watch the final and support Wendy and the so-called Team Infierno.

This is what happened in Leon, Guanajuato, the capital of the country where Wendy lives.

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