Celebrities condemn their fans for harassment

Many ‘celebrities’ have experienced harassment firsthand and we show you in photo gallery, They have faced threats or attacks in their homes and had no choice but to report the harassment.

Since 2018, Miley Cyrus is being harassed by a man named Alexander Kardalian. He began sending her letters in which he explained his passion and in the summer of 2022 he showed up at her home in Los Angeles (California, United States). In 2023, the artist reported them and requested a restraining order, which was granted.


billie eilish

In 2020, Billie Eilish requested a restraining order against a boy named Prenell Russo, who visited her home several times. “He stopped on our veranda, sat down, and started reading a book, continuing the monologue from time to time. “My father asked him repeatedly to leave, but he refused,” the artist said.


Jennifer Aniston

After her breakup with Brad Pitt, a fan of Jennifer Aniston named Jason Peyton became obsessed with the actress and forcefully agreed to marry her. He followed her across the United States until the ‘Friends’ singer (1994-2004) reported her and the man was arrested. There was a knife, a roll of tape, and several love notes in his car.

Justin Biber

In 2012 three inmates planned to kidnap Justin Bieber from prison and torture him, because one of them felt he was ignored because the singer did not respond to his letters. Eventually, one confessed and fortunately the police foiled his plans in time.



A Rihanna fan named Steveland Barrow became so obsessed with the singer that he drove to her neighborhood to wait for her all night. The Barbados woman reported him and a judge granted him a restraining order.

Paula Echevarria

In 2018, Paula Echeverría began receiving threatening messages from one of her followers on social media. At first she did not give it any importance, but then the fan started following her and the actress had no option but to complain about him.


Selena Gomez

A young man named Che Cruz broke into the house in Calabasas (California, United States) several times where Selena Gomez lived. She complained about him and a judge ordered a restraining order on the singer’s son, who eventually changed residence.



A man was harassing the ‘Crazy in Love’ singer from 2009 to 2013, accusing her of being a fake who had stolen the life of the real Beyoncé. He sent her threatening letters until the singer decided to report it and the harasser was arrested.

carlos boute

For a time, a fan went to the door of Carlos Bouté’s house and followed him as he left. The singer eventually filed a complaint and requested a restraining order, which was granted by a court in Móstoles.

Sandra Bullock

The actress was living a nightmare due to the constant harassment of a fan named Joshua James Corbett, who broke into her house in Los Angeles (California, United States). Sandra Bullock notified authorities and the man was arrested.


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has been harassed by not just one but many fans. Among the most horrific cases is the case of Hanks Johnson, a man who called her home in New York for six months and quietly broke into the house until he was arrested. Another follower of hers was arrested after following the car in which the singer was traveling with her family in 2016.

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